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Steamroller Studios is Moving!

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Steamroller Studios is Moving!

Credit and all Information that follows was taken word for word from a G3 Development Press Release PDF located here.

Steamroller Studios Relocating to Downtown Mount Dora

Steamroller Studios, a high-end animation, and game development studio will be establishing their new Mount Dora headquarters in 10,000 sq. ft. of prime downtown office space when they move into the 301 Baker building this summer. Founded in 2015 in Eustis, FL, the studio has since made a name for itself in character animation and game development, growing to a team of over 50 employees in less than four years. 301 Baker is currently undergoing a $300,000 renovation to accommodate the studio and current tenants.

A growing company with a commitment to fostering creativity, art, and innovation, Steamroller’s values are well aligned with those of the City of Mount Dora. Adam Meyer, Co-Owner and Chief Creative Officer at Steamroller Studios, stated, “as a lake county native who grew up in Mt. Dora, I’m excited to be moving our studio to the downtown area. We’re all artists here, so it will be awesome surrounding ourselves with such a creative atmosphere. Plus, we’re looking forward to hanging out with our new neighbors and eating at all the restaurants.” Adam also mentioned the importance of location in attracting talent. “We hire some of the most talented artists, programmers, and coordinators in the world and our company needs a location that will excite them.”

Steamroller Studios represents a group of dynamic, creative young professionals who are likely to contribute energy and vibrancy to the downtown area. Their move will inject 50+ full-time professionals who are likely to frequent many of Mount Dora’s local businesses and restaurants. “We are thrilled for what this could mean for Mount Dora,” stated Austin Guenther, project manager for G3 Development. “We think it is indicative of the growth we are seeing throughout the City and the growth that G3 is supporting in the area.”

The effort is a partnership between G3 Development and the City of Mount Dora. “Some of the City’s incentive programs were key. City Manager Robin Hayes and CRA Administrator Adam Sumner were also instrumental in the process,” says Austin. “We wouldn’t have been able to put the deal together without their help.” Also relocating to 301 Baker is longtime Mount Dora personal training and wellness group, Wallace Fitness. Wallace Fitness has been a fixture at their Donnelly St. location since 2010. Their business is expanding, and they are looking forward to moving into a larger space that will better accommodate their growing client base. 301 Baker will also remain home to Wave Asian Bistro and Sushi and Synergy Salon.

So yeah We are moving! While it is a big move, it is conceptually, right down the road from Eustis to Mt. Dora. We were based out of an old church which housed us at about 4,600 sq ft. We had an awesome time in it. Working and creating memories, but it has served its purpose and done it well. The studio is growing and we need bigger britches, so say hello to our new pair of pants!  It will provide plenty of space (for now) and should accommodate our current crew as well as new members as we traverse the digital frontier to create new memories and moments we can all laugh at and enjoy with you. We would also like to take this time to thank each and every one of our supporters and backers that have been patient with us and continued to give their support.


  • Johnna Shamblin

    Reply June 6, 2018 8:36 am

    I am so happy to hear that Steamroller Studios is moving to Mount Dora. As the city’s IT Manager, it is always very exciting to me when new tech moves into the area. Also, as a mother of a teenage son, I know first-hand how impactful the video game industry is on a daily basis. Good luck on your relocation!!!

  • Cap’n Mike

    Reply July 28, 2018 4:22 pm

    We live right across the st on Baker st and cant wait for the newly painted building to become ANIMATED !!!
    Can’t wait to meet our new neighbors ! WELCOME TO MT DORA !

    Cap’n Mike and Donna

  • Sandra Salem

    Reply August 27, 2018 6:02 pm

    Mount Dora is great and having you guys there is going to make it even greater. I can not wait to book a tour once you have moved! Thumbs Up.

  • Sharon Terhune

    Reply September 4, 2018 11:02 am

    As Manager of The Gatehouse Artisans Gallery located at The Lakeside Inn, I can’t tell you how excited I am that you are coming into the downtown area. My mind is already spinning with the possibilities your company will afford us here. We hope to be as reciprocal and advantageous in return for you as well. I am confident that this will be a benefit for everyone. My son plays some of your games EVERYDAY he will be very excited to know you are moving right into Mount Dora! I am sure he would be glad to walk the 15 blocks every day to come “intern” with you after school…even if it just sharpening your pencils!!! LOL! Once again welcome to Mount Dora!

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