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Aldo Pauldy

Steamroller Studios / Aldo Pauldy

Aldo Pauldy


Senior 3D Animator

















Male; Single

03 August 1989



University of Hertfordshire (Hatfield, England) 2010 – 2013

Majoring in 3D Digital Animation

First Media Design School (FMDS) (Jakarta, Indonesia) 2007 – 2009

Majoring in Multimedia Design

Sekolah Pelita Harapan (Jakarta, Indonesia) 2004 – 2007


University of Hertfordshire (BA (Hons) in 3D Animation) Certificate

Sekolah Pelita Harapan (Highschool) Certificate

FMDS (Advanced Diploma) Certificate


Autodesk Maya

Skillful use of Adobe Photoshop CS5

Competent skills in Adobe Illustrator CS5

Capable of using Adobe InDesign CS5

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 (Basic)

Adobe After Effect CS5 (Basic)

Microsoft Office Packages (Word, Power Point, Excel)


2008 Best in Art Direction Awards

First Media Book Prize (Best Student Award)

One Show Boot Camp Bronze Award


Dec ’16 – Present   : 3D Animator at Mirayi

Nov ’15 – Oct ’16     : 3D Animator at Giggle Garage

Dec ’13 – Oct ’15     : 3D Animator at MNC Pictures

Nov ‘10 – Jan ’11    : FMDS Marketing Assistant

Aug ‘10 – Oct ’10     : MIRAGE Graphic Designer & 3D Animator (Internship)




Period               : 5 December 2016 – October 2017

Position             : 3D Animator

Project              : ‘Arthur’

– Animate shots of Arthur’s episodes.

– I have animated around 16 or more characters cheering and running around.

– I did some complex action shots like jumping and a bit of fighting.  Some body mechanics and detailed acting too.  Some of my work are stored in the studio library to be use by other animators.


Period               : October 2017

Position             : 3D Animator

Project              : ‘Dino Core’

– Animate shots of ‘Dino Core’ episodes.

– I have only been helping this project for a week as we are still waiting for revisions to come for ‘Arthur’ series.


Period               : October 2017 – April 2018

Position             : Senior 3D Animator

Project              : ‘Jurassic Cops’

– Animate shots of ‘Jurassic Cops’ episodes.

– I made a walk and run cycle for a female character.  I also did some cycles to make characters stop running, turning and run, walk and stop among many others.

– I animate some fight scenes and some crowds too.


Period               : May 2018 – November 2018

Position             : Senior 3D Animator

Project              : ‘Project V’

– Animate shots of ‘Project V’ episodes.

– I made a walk cycle for a crab creature.


Period               : December 2018 – January 2019

Position             : Senior 3D Animator

Project              : ‘Ne Zha’

– Animate shots for ‘Ne Zha’ movie.

– Made a run cycle for a fisherman holding a paddle.

– Animating crowds and close up shots of Ne Zha and villagers’ facials.



Period               : January 2019 – July 2019

Position             : Senior 3D Animator

Project              : ‘Project V’

– Animate shots of ‘Project V’ episodes.

– Handling lots of Action sequences during this period.

– Improving my cinematography skill to make the scenes more dynamic.


Period               : August 2019

Position             : Senior 3D Animator

Project              : ‘Teenieping’

– Helping one episode of ‘Teenieping’

– Animating a game sequence for an in-game footage inside the series.

– Getting more acting shots in this more realistic project.


Period               : August 2019

Position             : Senior 3D Animator

Project              : ‘Animaton Test for Monkey King’

– Handling the animation test together with my Lead Animator.

– Animating more cartoony style.


Period               : September 2019

Position             : Senior / Lead 3D Animator

Project              : ‘Power Rockers’

– Very cartoony style of animating.

– Making some cycles for the babies running and the nanny.








Working in ‘Arthur’ series by far is the most difficult experience I have had.  There are many crowds in their shots, a lot of detailed acting and a lot of fighting sequences.  I was mainly given some acting, jumping and 1-2 fighting shots.  I believe I thrived quite well during this period, as some of my animations are stored in the studio library so that other animators can used them.  For a brief period after this series was almost done, some of my teammates and I were helping the other project named ‘Dino Core’.  The animation was relatively easier, compared to the ‘Arthur’ series, but this provide some good opportunity to explore some ideas for the shots and just give a little bit extra to the shots.  Overall, my first year at Mirayi was quite good.

My second year in Mirayi so far was a good one.  My supervisor saw my hardworking and passion for animation.  She promoted me to become a senior animator.  Although I have not fully integrated yet, but I have some senior shots along with mid-levels shots as my day-to-day animation job.  It is quite challenging at the beginning but my lead and supervisor are helpful to me when I needed some support.  The result, I did some robot fighting shots that are quite nice in ‘Jurassic Cops’ and some of these shots are use as clips for the opening song for the series.  I improve and explore a lot too on my acting shots especially when given a dramatic scene.  Some of these are when the characters are scared witless.  I also did some characters playing music instruments (cycle animation) using fake instruments (car parts).  ‘Jurassic Cops’ was really fun to do but unfortunately, the company was hit by a financial problem and a lot of animators left the company.  Consequently, ‘Project V’ needed more people and the current episode was more difficult compared to the current ‘Jurassic Cops’ episode.  Thus, our team need to switch project.

‘Project V’ was given by the same Korean company that gave us ‘Jurassic Cops’.  Therefore, the workflow is not that different.  I have only been working several shots for this project; the interesting shots that I do so far is making a crab walk cycle.  I did see some reference but seeing as this project has a cartoon style instead of a realistic one, I decided to exaggerate and be more creative on the body movement and the legs too.

After ‘Project V’, I went on to do animation test with some other seniors and lead animators.  This test was quite important and we ended up getting the ‘Ne Zha’ project from China.  It’s a feature film that was just released in Malaysia and Indonesia on the 26th of September.  It has the highest grossing for an animated film in China.  The client seems to like the test that we did and they want us to maintain and if possible, improve the quality for the film.  My friends and I spent days trying to make a good cycle and do the animation shots properly.  We animated them carefully and recorded and found a lot of references.  When the movie is out and I saw my shots and my own name at the end credit it is really making me satisfied and glad of my hard work.

When Ne zha was finished, I went back to help out a bit of ‘Jurassic Cops’ before moving on to ‘Project V’ again until August 2019 where I helped out yet another project called ‘Teenieping’.  Another Korean project with similar working style and pipeline.  This time was worst because the file was very heavy.  Somehow my PC in the office cannot really handle it well and I spent a lot of time staying in the office just trying to finish the work.  And they have so many rules too regarding animation and technical production that we have to follow carefully.  Fortunately, it did not last long as my supervisor needed me to work on another test.  It was a monkey king tv series.  My lead and I work on 3 shots and after few retakes, we submit it to the client and they approved it.  Too bad that we don’t have enough senior animators to handle this project in the company as we have another project coming in too.  And thus, Mirayi decided not to take this Monkey King project.

The other project that Mirayi do aside from ‘Teenieping’ was ‘Power Rockers’.  It’s a story about some babies in a daycare that enjoy playing rock music.  The style of this project is very cartoony and quite new for me.  I’ve never done anything cartoony since Kiko.  It was an Argentinian project, so I was hoping it will not be as messy as the ones we have been doing so far.  However, some assets are missing and the storyboard does not hook up too. At that time, I was in charge of handling it with a new supervisor.  I need to check the assets and create some lady bug fly cycle.  We do not have a proper library for run and walk cycle too.  Thus, I need to make some run cycle for the babies.  It was again, a lot of work in a short amount of time.  I did my best nonetheless and came on weekend and do overtime when it was necessary.  I could not really explore the style and be really playful with the animation but I had learned quite a lot in that episode.  It was quite fun too to do this cartoony style of animation after a long time working on realistic projects.

My one year of being a senior animator and a month of leading a project has been challenging and fun at the same time.  It was just due to an unforeseen circumstance that made me have to go back home to Jakarta a month early.  But in these last 3 years in Mirayi, I have learned a lot and further developing my skills needed for my future.





Period               : 9 November 2015 – August 2016

Position             : 3D Animator

Project              : ‘Katuri’

– Animate shots of Katuri’s episodes.

– I have animated around five or more characters running around, bumping and falling down for two of the characters.


Period               : August 2016 – September 2016

Position             : 3D Animator and Set Dress Artist

Project              : ‘Origanimals’

– Animate shots of Origanimals’ episodes.

– I have been working as a Set Dress Artist too for this project.  I try to arrange and beautify the locations of the animated series.  I ensure the asset hook up between shots as well.

– I have animated scenes that requires contact with rope such as pulling, rappelling down and climbing up.


Period               : September 2016 – October 2016

Position             : 3D Animator

Project              : ‘Kazoops’

– Animate shots of Kazoops’ episodes.

– I animated some dance movement while the character is using a plunger to clean the washbasin.  I also did some sword fighting movement.

– I also animated 3D characters within a 2D background and against 2D characters.



I did not count how many frames or seconds I animated per day when I was in Giggle Garage.  Their shots allocation is divided more to each person individual level and the difficulty of each shot.  I worked more on ‘Katuri’ because at that time, there are only 2 projects going on at the same time, ‘Katuri’ and ‘Kazoops’.  It was quite difficult at times, because the director keep changing her mind on several shots regarding the direction we should take.  This thing seldom happening even though we are already on pass 2 or pass 3 in animation stages and also without deadline adjustments at all sometimes.  Then, after I’ve finished the project on ‘Katuri’, there are some changes and some extra episodes needed to be done for an old project called, ‘Origanimals’.

In there, the difficulty somehow lessen compare to ‘Katuri’ because the deadline does not really allow much room for quality improvement.  After I have finished with the animation, they needed someone to help work on the set dress.  The set dress artist at that time have already left his position and there is just not enough time to hire somebody new.  Thus, I gave a helping hand.  For 2-3 episodes, my friend and I work to make these episodes prettier by putting more trees, stones, grass and others in the location.  We also make sure there is a hook up between these shots.

Lastly, I worked on ‘Kazoops’.  They are almost done with this project, only missing 3-4 more episodes.  With people coming from ‘Origanimals’ project, the supervisors created more teams so that more episodes can be animated at the same time.  This project is more difficult compares to ‘Katuri’ and ‘Origanimals’ because the small proximity in their house, which makes moving and simple action harder, the story also requires some dance action at a certain point and the 2D and 3D integration in the middle of the episode.  However, these kind of things are helpful and a good experience to have for my benefit.








Period               : 2 December 2013 – October 2015

Position             : 3D Animator

Project              : ‘Entong’

– Animate around 8 seconds for the project per day.

– Animate walk cycle for one of the characters.

– I have animated around six or more characters talking and singing in a cart, in a single scene.

– I animated a few fighting scenes among the characters.

– Did a few dance moves, using Michael Jackson as the reference.

– I have also animated few technical animations like a flag waving, objects swinging from a rope.

– Animated character climbing a pole, sliding and colliding with other characters down below.

– Animated a few basketball scenes (mostly guarding and ball trajectory).

– More body mechanics and acting sequences that can be seen in my show reel.


Period               : around January – February 2014 and October 2014.

Position             : 3D Animator

Project              : ‘Kiko’

– Animate around 6 seconds for the project per day.

– Animate submarine-ish (looks like a spaceship) chasing scene while shooting their guns and animate the bullets too.

– I also animated the crewmembers inside the submarine being shaken because of the chase and the bullets.

– Aside from the humanoid characters that I animate, there are also a crab and an eel characters.  I did acting and action sequences for both of these characters too.

– General acting sequences.



I worked on two projects during my time on MNC Animation, ‘Kiko’ and ‘Entong’.  I was involved more on ‘Entong’ animation than ‘Kiko’, and I also did one of the walk cycle for their character.  Whereas in ‘Kiko’, I worked for several episodes only.  The reason for this is because there are separate teams to work on each animation projects.  Thus when the deadline has passed, the ‘Entong’ team worked on ‘Kiko’.

In both project, I had to deliver around 6-8 seconds of animation each day, from the acting to the action sequences.  However, it also depends on the difficulty and complexity of the scene that was given to me.  In the end, I managed to finish my work on time and cause little to no problem at all.





Period               : November 2010 – January 2011

Position             : Marketing Assistant

– Answering the phone whenever it is ringing.

– Doing presentation in school / education events to promote FMDS

– Marketing to parents about FMDS

– Helping FMDS whenever there is an event going on.



Period               : August 2010 – October 2010

Position             : 3D & Graphic Design Internship

Project              : ‘Safety guide in an oil rig animation’

– Helping the full time employee animating the project.

– Learning how a small animation company works.

– Animating a climbing sequence.

– Watching a senior animator animate and tackle a problem.

– Helping a little bit in logo creation for a restaurant.

– Learn flash script for website from a senior employee.



Period               : June 2008 – August 2008

Position             : Sales Assistant

– Answering the phone whenever it is ringing.

– Helping the storeowner selling computer accessories to customers.

– Attending the customers.

– Managing the shop and closes it.


  • Capable of using Maya and animating quite nicely.
  • Animation
  • Updated 12 months ago

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