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Amrit Sandhu

Steamroller Studios / Amrit Sandhu

Amrit Sandhu


Human Resources Leader

WInter Garden


amrit4sandhu@gmail.com                                                                                                                                   847 338 7875 – cell­­­­­­­­



A versatile Human Resources Leader, Business Partner experienced in diverse environments including: public, private, global, corporate, manufacturing, consumer oriented, highly service-driven, quality focused organizations and a variety of Industries, Markets and Customers (consumer products, CPG, food, technology, telecom, automotive, industrial, electronics, healthcare, distribution, education).

Accustomed to providing HR services, support and consultation, while managing multiple facilities supporting small/large groups of Hourly and Exempt employees from 200 to 1,200.

A Generalist with knowledge in all aspects of human resources and a Specialist in both Staffing and Employee Relations.   Adept at implementing change, key initiatives and programs, interpreting Human Resource policy, advising senior management on strategic human resource issues and working in fast-paced, changing environments that require decision-making, prioritization, adapting, problem solving, collaborating, and being hands on.

Experience supporting all functions (Operations, Marketing, Sales, Engineering/Product Dev., Finance/Accounting, Purchasing, SC/Logistics, Customer Service).  Trained in Union Avoidance and have supported a Union facility.   Prior roles: Staffing Manager, Employee Relations and Development Manager, Senior Manager Human Resources for NA Operation.



Master of Science Degree, Industrial Relations (Human Resources), Loyola University, Chicago, IL, and Licensed in FL Real Estate Sales



Talent Management                             Employee Relations                              Strategic HR Management

Recruitment, Selection                           Investigations                                       Goal Management

Hiring/On Boarding                               Corrective Action, Communication          Change Management

Succession, Calibration                        Employee Surveys                                Executive Coaching, Advising

Coaching, Development                         Engagement                                         Management Development

Retention                                             Compensation, Incentive Management   Acquisition Integrations, Start Up

Performance Management                     Benefits, Wellness, Risk Management    Multi Site, HR Team, Dept. Management

Appraisals, Merit Administration             Multi State Payroll Administration           Policy Development, Administration


MIZKAN AMERICAS INC., (RAGU & BERTOLLI) R&B FOODS INC.                                                   2013-

Manufactures diverse Consumer Products including: vinegars, salad dressings, mustards, cooking wines, sauces, $1.2 billion division, company $3 billion sales.



Responsible for day to day HR, providing service, consult to multiple locations (Chicago, California, Florida, Kentucky), managing a department, and team of HRM’s/professionals across sites.

Partnered with leaders and identified issues, made recommendations, developed solutions and enabled company to deliver against goals.  Provided HR services, expertise and consultation and influenced decisions and improved opportunities for achieving objectives. Offered guidance on strategic topics such as goal alignment, engagement, culture, and retention and enhanced individual, team and company performance.

Implemented change initiatives and worked with executives to develop appropriate policies to accomplish consistency across businesses which increased clarity, understanding and employee knowledge.
Created tools necessary to staff a corporate office (benefits plan, a compensation structure, an employer brand, a handbook) and accomplished staffing goals, which allowed us to meet plans and key goals.
Collaborated with executives on establishing a culture that encouraged employee engagement through short briefings, cultural workshops, and lunch and learns, positive employee relations including investigations, employee survey and other engagement activities, which fostered understanding, generated excitement and more participation.
Solved employee relations issues, initiated open communication and minimized risks and negative financial impact, developed trust and credibility, which encouraged a more positive environment.
Initiated benefits renewal, financial, vendor reviews, enrollment planning and prepared advance communications to minimize disruption due to changes expected, which allowed employees to plan and also reduced employee anxiety.
Conducted compensation activities and performed job scoping, leveling, career path classification to achieve business goal of one system across the company and produced a new process for implementation.
Led cross functional team in space plan and office design and engaged employees, achieved customer oriented goals, energized the workforce and focused them on customer/consumer insights critical to company success.
Led start up activities and achieved strategy for successful integration / transition of Acquisition Company and also gained transparency across organization.
Advised parent company executives on numerous topics and enhanced communication, which led to alignment and a more effective transition and being recognized as a Leader.
Performed crucial role in integration of R&B Foods Inc. an acquisition and start-up business (I was asked to transfer to R&B by our CEO) and my work directly affected the success of the integration initiative.
Accomplished business objective of one bonus system across units and streamlined process, increased clarity and understanding and planned, earlier and timelier, communication, which allowed employees to focus and ultimately improve sales results.
Juggled timely processing of all previous years’ bonuses for executive, management, professional, corp. office, and hourly.
Achieved mid-term hiring plan for critical new key roles, which allowed us to operate more efficiently, improved morale and balanced workloads.
Initiated succession planning and guided leadership through process, which resulted in identifying gaps and hi-po employees (corp. & plant locations) across organization.
Assessed potential problems in field operations and learned about activities, products, customers, climate, other HR issues/gaps, and participated in business meetings all of which provided organizational knowledge and guidance toward priorities.
Initiated changes–clarification of roles, policies, communication, informal leadership assessment & development, structural reorganization, which served to build trust, encourage open communication and created a more productive employee relations environment.
ROBERT BOSCH TOOL CORPORATION                                                                          2003 – 2011  (8+ years)

A global Consumer Products division that designs and manufacturers power tools and accessories, $900 million, company $50 billion.



Led team to staff key positions across multiple business units and all functional areas, including offsite locations and managed all talent acquisition initiatives.  Partnered with executives to develop and retain key talent.  Led discussions to identify challenging, complex project opportunities and identify next assignment to ensure retention and development.  Led planning meetings to understand business objectives, position function/competencies and priorities to target strategies and focus team activities.

·        Developed future leader’s program and served as Program/Project Manager.  Initiated business unit engagement, selection and hiring, orientation, integration, rotation planning, project assignments and daily activity management.  Partnered with overseas leaders to create assignments.  Recommended final placement /offers and this strategic talent planning program enabled company to better achieve business goals and better manage fluctuations in headcount.

·        Solved associate relations issues and served as internal consultant to business units and shared functions, which resulted in building relationships with clients, clarity, understanding of policies and improved associate morale.

·        Coached team to exceed customer expectations and managed function with lean approach resulting in efficiency.

·        Developed a systematic and longer-term approach, which created transparency, visibility and delivery of higher quality results, while encouraging decision making and ownership of projects.

·        Identified gaps and created employer brand communication piece and other marketing material/displays, messages to position Company externally and internally, which enabled company to attract talent.

·        Initiated a continuous improvement initiative to focus on quality and developed organization integrations plans.

·        Served as catalyst for change and provided leadership to acquisition locations (Plant HRM’s and Executives) and facilitated the integration process during multiple acquisitions.

·        Implemented SAP automated requisition system, which resulted in efficiency, visibility and reduced approval time.



Partnered with organization to understand, anticipate, and support business strategies through HR solutions.  Provided broad spectrum of HR services to marketing, manufacturing, 16 product service locations and executives across business units. Staffing leadership and services to all other functions across all units.  Budget accountability $350k.

·        Managed key HR processes and Associate Survey administration and communication of results across units and cultures and achieved talent retention and satisfaction.

·        Led implementation of new performance management system and initiated performance analysis process, which improved visibility of talent within the organization.

·        Led integration activities for the Accessories business and managed job, compensation, and other impacts to associates, guided management through implementation, which resulted in streamlined processes and transparency.

·        Implemented a compensation re-grading project that integrated business into larger Company structure and managed impact to associates and also reduced complexity for clients.

·        Led organizational change and influenced business units to collaborate across company to gain visibility, manage and develop key talent, and implement succession activities, which resulted in improved associate satisfaction.

·        Managed multiple structural re-organizations and met business needs through better utilization of talent.

·        Re-engineered power tool staffing function, developed the strategic focus and set direction, which allowed organization to focus on talent management. Established strategic partnerships with suppliers, colleges, businesses and other external partners to build company brand and pipeline of talent, which resulted in improved morale.

·        Implemented internal job posting program and launched an automated staffing system and ensured a standardized application process and also created better clarity, of processes, for internal associates.


REAL ESTATE SALES & CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE: Residential home purchase, sale, customer service, marketing, communication, follow up, use of RE systems—MLS, CRM, transaction systems, electronic docs., contracts, escrow, inspections, lending, appraisal, title, and CD’s/closings. Knowledge of Property Appraiser office, builders, variances, zoning, HOA’s, building/designing new construction, investments. property management, and regular education/training.



Industrial Relations (HR) at Loyola University Chicago IL



Sr (Reg'l) HR Mgr at Mizkan

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