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Bryan Colvin

Steamroller Studios / Bryan Colvin

Bryan Colvin

Bryan Colvin






Lead Animator – Scamp: High Hat Havoc, Capstone Game

– Created animations for the main player character, main villain, NPC enemies, and various minor creature characters throughout the game.

– Created state machines for main character, as well as the enemies and creatures.

– Produced 5 cutscenes in-engine using UE4’s sequencer.

– Animated a specific player action in which the character must fly through the air and either land on the ground, or slam into a wall, before topping and flopping on the ground like a rag doll; all hand-keyed with looping sections to transition smoothly and account for various gameplay conditions.

Lead Animator – Farmer Glorp, Animated Short

– Animated 8+ shots in the film totaling over 2 minutes of the 6-minute film, including high-action shots.

– Modelled the quadruped character, Flip.

– Created storyboards for 6 scenes, and had final authority on the direction of all other storyboards.

– Developed the staging, camera, and composition of every shot.

– Provided detailed feedback on all animations, and had final authority on each shot.

– Cleaned up about 40% of all animations in the film.


  • Maya
  • Perforce
  • Photoshop
  • premiere
  • Unreal Engine 4



Master of Science, Interactive Entertainment at Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy

At FIEA I worked with a team of 20 others to create a 3rd person platformer in Unreal Engine 4. I animated the player character, as well as some of the NPCs. I worked closely with designers, producers, and programmers along every step of the pipeline from ideation to shipping. We are releasing the game Scamp: High Hat Havoc for free on Steam later this year.

I am also learning about mocap at FIEA. I am close to being certified to run the mocap studio, and I am familiar with cleanup techniques.


Bachelor of Fine Art, Emerging Media at University of Central Florida

During the last part of my undergrad I worked on a short film called Farmer Glorp. I came up with the original concept for the film and worked with a small team to create the 6 minute animated short. We created everything from ideation to completion ourselves using Maya. I modelled one of the characters and I animated more than 8 shots totaling over 2 minutes of footage and cleaned up many others.

  • Animation
  • Updated 2 years ago

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