Steamroller exists to breathe life into stories, characters, and experiences in visual, physical, and virtual spaces. Each project that comes our way, be it a game, a film, or a theme park ride, exists in its own universe. It is our job to bring this multiverse to life. Our animators build believable characters and whole worlds in a multitude of universes, while our developers manipulate the rules of perception to transport you to a new definition of reality. We relish the opportunity to bring our clients’ universes to life while also developing our own stories.

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Chris Semenoff

Steamroller Studios / Chris Semenoff

Chris Semenoff

Christopher N. Semenoff

CG Animator

Contact Information:

Phone: 303.601.8712

E-Mail: chris.semenoff@gmail.com

Demo Reels: vimeo.com/chrisxsemenoff


Objective: To work with a passionate team in order to create entertaining and character driven stories.


Professional Experience:


Method Studios – Animator
Responsible for creating keyframed animation of characters, creatures, and props for feature films
Films worked on:
Fantastic Beasts 2 (2018)

Laika Productions – CG Facial Animator                Sept. 2016 – Jan. 2018
Responsible for creating keyframed performances of the main characters and BG characters
Films Worked on:
Missing Link (2019)

Penrose Studios – Character animator/VR animator            Feb. 2016 – Aug. 2016
Responsible for creating keyframed animation of characters and props for Virtual Reality
Films worked on:
Allumette (2016)

Moving Picture Company – VFX Character Animator         Sept. 2014 – Feb. 2016
Responsible for creating keyframed animation of characters, creatures, and props for feature films
Films Worked on :
Pan (2015)
Fantastic Four (2015)
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)
Sony Computer Entertainment America – Cinematics Animator   June 2014 -Sept. 2014
Motion Capture clean-up and facial animation for in-game cinematics
Games Worked on:
Battlefield: Hardline (2015)


AnimSquad Online Workshops                    2015 and 2017
Expert animation workshop wtih Marlon Nowe and Hyrum Osmond

Animation Mentor                            2013 – 2014
Certificate in Advanced Character Animation

University of Colorado                         2009 – 2012
Bachelors Degree in Anthropology.


  • Autodesk Maya
  • Character Animation
  • Creature Animation
  • Motion Capture Cleanup


06/2014 - 09/2014

Cinematics Animator at Sony Computer Entertainment

09/2014 - 02/2016

Animator at MPC (Moving Picture Company)

02/2016 - 08/2016

Character Animator at Penrose Studios

09/2016 - 01/2018

CG Animator at Laika Studios

01/2018 - Present

Animator at Method Studios

  • Animation
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