Steamroller exists to breathe life into stories, characters, and experiences in visual, physical, and virtual spaces. Each project that comes our way, be it a game, a film, or a theme park ride, exists in its own universe. It is our job to bring this multiverse to life. Our animators build believable characters and whole worlds in a multitude of universes, while our developers manipulate the rules of perception to transport you to a new definition of reality. We relish the opportunity to bring our clients’ universes to life while also developing our own stories.

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Eric Oliver

Steamroller Studios / Eric Oliver

Eric Oliver

Eric Oliver

Game Animator

“Utilizing artistic techniques to visualize ideas “




Phone (818) 216-1653



Adobe         Photoshop   Illustrator  Flash  AfterEfx  Premiere  Dreamweaver

Autodesk     Maya  3D Studio Max  MotionBuilder  XSI

Toon Boom    Animate Pro

Game Engine  Unity 3d, Infernal Havoc

Faceware      Analyser  Retargeter

Esoteric        Spine

Traditional Art Character Animation Storyboards Character Design Character Layout Visual Development

Figure Painting  Figure Drawing  Illustration

Game Production

2018    Cinematic Animator       Just Cause 4                         Halon

·         Scene Assembly

·         Create/Reframe camera and character blocking and animation

·         Motion edit motion capture date and keyframe to strengthen the body and facial performance

2017    Facial Animator           Injustice 2 Bizarro, Evil Within 2     CounterPunch Studios

2017    Motionbuilder Animator  Invisible Hours                      Solid Anim

2016    Cinematic Artist          WWE 2k17                          Yukes LA

·         Motion edit motion capture sessions for single to multiple characters, prop implementation

·         Camera Blocking and animation

2016    Animator                 Dragon Front                        Hydrogen Whiskey

·          Keyframe animations for gameplay


2015    Animator   Descendants , Goosebumps, AdventureTime – PuzzleQuest

Shante Half-Genie Hero                            WayForward Technologies

·          Keyframe animations for gameplay

·          Prepping assets in spine for animation


2015    Facial Animator          NBA2k16                            Giant Propeller


2013 -14 Lead Animator/Animator                                      WayForward Technologies

Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark, Til Mornings Light

·         Problems solve 3d animations and cinematic moves for in gameplay

·         Create cinematic intros for player/CPU character intros

·         Problem solve rig issues


2013    3D artist/Animator       Assassins Creed Book of Memories   Aeria Games

·         Modeling, Animation, Rigging, texturing

·         Composite and EFX in After Effects and Flash


2013    Motion editor                                                Sony Computer Entertainment America

The Order 1886 E3 Cinematic Trailer, Killzone ShadowFall

·         Motion edit in-game assets and game cinematics

·         Problem solved Camera Layout scenes for implementation into the animation pipeline


2010 – 13 Lead Animator/Animator/Motion-edit/Cinematics             WayForward Technologies

Silent Hill: Book of Memories, Double Dragon Neon, Happy Feet 2,Batman The Brave and the Bold, Blood Rayne

·         Problem solved/reimagined cinematic footage for director

·         Problem solved motion capture date for implementation into the game engine

·         Created animation utilizing limited asset info for implementation into the game engine

·         Managed and implemented animation assets of the team off-site for implementation into the game engine

2000 – 01 Animator/Production Art/Art Director    Various Clients      Zeek Interactive

Animation Production

2015      Camera Layout Artist   A day in the life of Diva Mooreux    Mode Select

·         Scene assembly, Camera and Character Blocking as well as Pre-vis shots


2013      Director/Animator/Cinematographer/vfx artist/Editor/Sound Design The Chase Independent Short

2005 – 06  CG- Clean up Animator    BarnYard                          Omation Studios

·         Assisted/problem solved deformation issue on large scale scenes.

·         Chosen to assist Creating background animations for secondary characters.


2004 – 05  Character Layout Artist   The Simpsons                          Film Roman

·         Assigned numerous challenging shots relying on perspective changes for character blocking.

·         Accomplished strengthening sequences based on initial storyboard panels

1998 – 99  Animator          South Park Bigger Longer and Un Cut      Paramount Studios

VFX Production

2019      Lab Digital Artist    *halted project                          Fox vfx lab

2018      Post – vis Artist      undisclosed project                      Halon

2017      Pre- vis/Post -vis Animator    Rampage, Predator             Proof Inc

Terminator: Dark Fate, Noell

·          Keyframe animation, motion capture edit, and assembly

·          Camera animation blocking

·          Tech vis


2017      Post – vis Animator  Lost in Space                            Dopamine Studios

·          Transmission, Danger Will Robinson  – creature animation


2015 -16  Pre-vis Artist  King Arthur Legend of the Sword              Method Studios

·         Scene assembly, Camera and Character Blocking and animations for select sequence


2014 – 15  Pre-vis Artist   Undisclosed Project                          The Third Floor

·         Model, texture, animation to explore ideas based on storyboards and directors input

·         Prepped scenes for Virtual Production exploration


2007 – 09  Virtual Production Artist    Avatar                              LightStorm Productions

·         Assisted in exploring new production techniques to accommodate new workflows for visual vfx.

·         Managed virtual production artists for sequence exploring scene comps, utilizing limited motion assets


2007     Motion Edit/CG-Cleanup Animator  Food Fight               Threshold Entertainment

·         Assisted in implementing motion capture data with no established pipeline and Layout sequence

·         Assisted Lighting Department establishing a look for key sequences in the film

2001      Facial Lip Sync Animator    Cats and Dogs                   Rhythm and Hues

·         Learned unique software to complete the shots for the film



8/95 - 6/98

Character Animation at California Institute of the Arts

BFA – degree

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