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Ferdinand Terado

Steamroller Studios / Ferdinand Terado

Ferdinand Terado

Ferdinand N. Terado
Character Animator
8565 Lake Murray Boulevard #211 ∙ San Diego, CA 92119
e-mail: motionmuser@yahoo.com  ∙  mobile: 415.939.6346
website: http://motionmuser.com  ∙   linkedin: http://linkedin.com/in/fterado/


Dynamite character animator who enjoys working on creatively challenging projects. Traditionally trained in key frame animation with experience working with FACS based facial animation and body motion capture editing. Production experience on multiple triple-A titles from game development studios such as Sony PlayStation, Electronic Arts, Midway Amusement Games, and Trion Worlds. Colleagues have described me as passionate with a fun sense of humor, proactive attitude, and whose work often has a particular “signature” look.

Additional production experiences include animation, previs and storyboard work for television shows and commercials at companies such as Moving Picture Company, Charlex, Spontaneous Combustion, Synthespian Studios, Nick Digital (Nickelodeon), and Curious Pictures.


Key member of a 3-man animation “strike team” at Midway Amusement Games (now NetherRealm Studios) tasked with the successful delivery of high-quality (key framed) facial animation and motion capture editing for The Joker in the “Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe” in-game cinematics.

Known for creating the signature animation style of several characters for Trion Worlds’ flagship mmorpg title “RIFT” and all its expansions; became the game designers’ “go to” animator for creating visually distinct and dynamic combat animations for specific characters and creatures.



Company: Moving Picture Company, Culver City, CA.
Facial Animator October 2019 – November 2019
· Facial animation with lip-sync and previs animation for film. NDA in effect.

Company: Sony Interactive Entertainment, San Diego, CA.
Cinematics Animator July 2018 – August 2019
· FACS based facial animation and body motion capture editing for cinematics.
· To Be Announced. NDA in effect.

Company: Trion Worlds, Redwood City, CA.
Senior Character Animator September 2008 – July 2018
· Created dynamic humanoid, mech and creature animations for the mmorpg “RIFT” and all expansions.
· Recognized by game designers for setting high artistic standards for in-game combat animations.

Company: Midway Games. Chicago, IL.
Senior Character Animator January 2008 – September 2008
· Successfully recreated the maniacal personality of The Joker for the “Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe” through expressive key framed facial animation and exaggerated motion captured performances.
· Responsible for hand key facial animation and body mocap editing for game cinematics.

Company: EA Chicago. Chicago, IL.
Senior Character Animator May 2005 – November 2007
· Created believable facial animations and key frame modified body mocap for both cinematics and gameplay characters for “Def Jam: ICON” and “Fight Night: R3.”
· Responsible for the previs and camera work on “Def Jam: ICON.”

Company: Treehouse Animation. New York, NY.
Lead Character Animator March 2005 – May 2005
· Lead animator for the “LEGO Star Wars: Trooper Orchestra,” and previz animator in other commercials.



The Joe Kubert School Of Cartoon And Graphic Art. Dover, NJ.
September 1995 – May 1998
· Graduate, traditional cinematic animation.


  • Facial Animation
  • key frame animation
  • Maya
  • motion capture editing
  • MotionBuilder



Graduate, Traditional animation program at The Joe Kuber school of cartoon and graphic art

3-year traditional 2D animation program


Oct 2019/Nov 2019

Facial and previs animator at Moving Picture Company

Short-term freelance job for film.

Jul 2018/Aug 2019

Cinematics Animator at Sony Interactive Entertainment

Facial animation and body motion capture editing for game cinematics.

Sept 2008/Jul 2018

Senior Animator at Trion Worlds

Senior gameplay animator for “RIFT” mmorpg.

Jan 2008/Sept 2018

Senior Animator at Midway Amusement Games

Facial animation and body mocap editing for “Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe” and “The Wheelman.”

May 2005/Nov 2007

Senior Animator at Electronic Arts, Chicago

Facial animation and body mocap editing for “Def Jam: ICON” gameplay and cinematics.

Mar 2005/May 2005

Lead Animator at Treehouse

Lead key frame animator on “LEGO Star Wars: Revenge of the brick” end credits animation.

  • Animation
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