Steamroller exists to breathe life into stories, characters, and experiences in visual, physical, and virtual spaces. Each project that comes our way, be it a game, a film, or a theme park ride, exists in its own universe. It is our job to bring this multiverse to life. Our animators build believable characters and whole worlds in a multitude of universes, while our developers manipulate the rules of perception to transport you to a new definition of reality. We relish the opportunity to bring our clients’ universes to life while also developing our own stories.

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Frederick Rugar

Steamroller Studios / Frederick Rugar

Frederick Rugar



    2D & 3D Animation, UX / UI Design, Multimedia Graphics, Character Design, Storyboarding & Illustration, Photo Editing & Manipulation
    Concept Ideation, Project Management, Budget Administration, Licensing

Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe After Effects, XD, and Animate, zBrush, AutoDesk 3DS Max, SketchUp, Sketch Book Pro, ActionScript, JavaScript, ZScript, Unity Engine, Microsoft Office Suite

Fallen Earth (3D MMO), Kingdom of Drakkar (2D MMO), Dexter: The Game (iOS), Qwirkle (iOS), TabApp (iOS), TabApp Elite (iOS / Android), Quarriors (iOS), HeroClix Online (PC), Borgias Social Game (Facebook), Borgias Trivia Game (Facebook), Hunger Games: District 12 Strategy Game (Facebook), Operation Market Garden (Online PC / Mac), Empire Builder (Online PC / MAC), Minion Hunter (Online PC / MAC), Junta (Online PC / MAC), Casino Games (12+, Web based Java & Flash), Bingo Games (8+, Web based Java & Flash), Jigsaw Puzzler (Flash Game), Zinger Trivia (Flash Game)


NECA, North Carolina (Oct.2014 –Jan. 2019)
Senior Digital Art Director
Managed and mentored a team of 60 sculptors producing award winning miniatures, collectibles and RPG products.

  • Designed and created collectible miniatures that sold 65MM+ units worldwide with estimated retail value of over $190MM, featuring major bands such as Dungeons & Dragons™, Marvel Comics™, Pathfinder™, Star Trek™, and many more.
  • Earned several industry awards for design excellence for RPG products through implementing training and quality control processes for my team, including mentoring artists in artistic design elements.
  • Collaborated with internal product designers and external licensors in conceptualizing and planning unique features, creative solutions, strategic direction. and interactivity for role playing miniature product lines.
  • Increased sculpting productivity by 70% by envisioning and implementing efficiencies to workflow (e.g., scripting plugins for zBrush, Photoshop actions, and standardizing workflows and production processes).
  • Slashed the sculpting production budget by 46% via new fee tables for sculptors, and by leveraging existing digital sculpts suitable for modification and reuse.
  • Interpreted and analyzed aesthetic threads between various provided reference materials; built on-brand, unique, and appropriate artistic styles for character designs.

MFV, North Carolina (April 2012 – Sept. 2014):
Senior Art Director
Developed creative design strategy for seamless integration of physical merchandise with mobile games.

  • Directed art and animation teams in conceptualizing multiple mobile game projects. UI and UX design, team development, budgeting, and timelines.
  • Conceptualized creative design and gameplay interactions between the TabApp digital game and physical toys, to bolster the product’s marketing.
  • Conceptualized visuals, layout, designs and provided art direction for several 3D storefronts for retailing collectible merchandise.
  • Inspired and mentored teams of over 20 freelance sculptors in designing collectibles for major brands including HeroClix™, Star Trek™, LOTR™, and Dungeons & Dragons™.

Icarus Studios, North Carolina (Jan. 2001 – March 2012):
Senior Art Director
Led user-facing graphic design / content development in support of online multi-player games and entertainment.

  • Directed art & animation teams for Fallen Earth™, a Massively Multi-Player Game. Conceptualized storylines and themes. Illustrated character, environment, and creature art. Researched and selected outsourcing partners.
  • Directed art & animation teams for Dexter™ iOS Game for Showtime, (350,000 + paid downloads). Conceived and created storyboards for game cut scenes. Created the game’s UI. Designed and coded the Flash mini games.
  • Conceptualized & Art Directed HeroClix Online game translating the physical board game into a digital format. Crafted UI & UX for the game.
  • Directed art & animation teams for the Borgias Social Game (Facebook) for Showtime. Collaborated with programmers to implement a 2D isometric engine that tied into company’s technology. Constructed rendered assets into final game maps. Created terrain elements and tiled terrain textures.
  • Ideated, art directed and led design development of ambitious product pitches and demos for external partners (e.g., MTV (social music world), Fox “24” (game), Great Outdoors (game demo), Virtual Jerusalem (virtual tourism), PowerU (education), and ToonWorld (children’s entertainment)).
  • Conceptualized & directed development of several 3D animated segments for UNC CHAT festival. Concept art for characters and creatures. Storyboarded the sequences. Directed asset creation, animation, and final edits.

iEntertainment, North Carolina (Jan. 1999 – Dec 2000)
Director of Multi-Media Design
Directed the conceptualization and development of multi-media marketing, games and advertisements for online gaming network.

  • Created the multi-media department. Mentored and trained a team of six Flash developers in creating and animating themed multi-media online games as well as marketing and promotions.
  • Increased web traffic 400% by redesigning the graphics for the company’s suite of bingo and casino web games.
  • Expanded product lines by 25% by designing and coding numerous games developed in Flash including trivia, arcade, casino, puzzle and assorted adver-games (email embedded) for marketing and promoting sponsored products.

MPG-Net, Florida (Jan. 1997 – Jan. 1999)
Digital Artist
Designed game-ready production assets; character art, backgrounds, scene objects, and 2D animation for online video games.

  • Created 2D game art and sprite-based animations for numerous board game adaptations. (e.g., Empire Builder, Minion Hunter, Operation Market Garden, Junta).
  • Crafted 2D art for customizable user avatars for game lobbies.

Tantalus, New York (Jan 1992 – Jan. 1997)
Digital Artist
Created 2D game art, animations, and illustrations for marketing and promotions for online video games.

  • Originated 2D art and animation for Kingdom of Drakkar (MMO).
  • Produced pen & ink illustrations for game manuals.
  • Designed and executed acrylic paintings for use in tradeshow booth graphics, magazine advertisements, and brochures.


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