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Steamroller Studios / ILLIAN SLADE VILLENA



Game Engine Programmer

Santa Clara, California

I am a professional software engineer seeking adventures in game design and advanced
programming. I would like to bring my experiences from military research and independent game development to companies with unique goals.

Professional Experience

NASA Ames Research Center, Mountain View, California
Software Engineer + Battle Systems Design (2015–2017)
– Designed, debugged, and implemented simulation software for a multi-disciplinary research effort of behavioral psychologists, US Army test pilots, aerodynamics engineers and software engineers.
– Developed game engine software (C/C++/Python/VBS3-script) for SCORCH simulator project, and parts of SUMIT project. Both projects created prototype environments for drone control systems and MUM-T (Manned-Unmanned-Teaming) in future helicopters.
– Daily programming tasks in VBS3 game engine, experimental network programming (TCP,UDP), AI path planning tools, and Linux + Windows cross platform programming.
– Successfully deployed pilot testing trials with A/B testing & scientific data collection.
– Deep research combining user interface (UI), artificial intelligence (AI), and humancomputer interaction (HCI).
FleetCOMM Project, Santa Clara, California
Independent Game Developer (2011–Present Day)
– Created a game engine based on modern OpenGL (3.3 core) GLSL, C, C++ and Lua.
– Raised funding through family investments & $17000 through Kickstarter crowdfunding.
– Presented at PAX East 2016 (Boston, MA,USA) and PAX Prime 2012 (Seattle, WA, USA)

Alpha Battery, 1st Battalion, 12th Marine Regiment
United States Marines Corps (2002–2006)
– Honorably Discharged as a Corporal of Marines
– Served as an Artillery Cannon Crewman (MOS 0811)
– Deployed to Okinawa, Japan & Korean DMZ.
– Supported Japanese military forces & humanitarian missions during 2004 Tsunami.

Education : Bachelors of Science, Computer Game Design
University of California, Santa Cruz (2006-2010)
Areas of Study: Computer Science, A.I, Operating Systems, Algorithms, PS3 Academic Program.

Technical Experience : Software & Computer Engineering
Main Languages & General Skills
• C++ (10 years), C (6 years), Lua (6 years), GLSL (6 years). C/C++ tool-chain
maintenance & cross-platform utilization w/ gcc, clang, cmake, Visual Studio, Android
NDK, PlayStation SDK, VirtualBox.
• Graphics Programming : OpenGL 3.3 core, OpenGLES, GLSL (mobile + desktop),
OpenSceneGraph. Working knowledge of Google Native Client and WebGL.
• GUI programming in SDL, qt, fltk, AntTweakbar and scientific graphics tools.
• Debuggers + Version Control : gdb, gDEBugger (OpenGL), git/mercurial, svn.
Sub Languages
• C#, Java ,VBS3-script (advanced level)
• Linux/Windows Shell Scripting, Python, Javascript, Objective-C (medium level)
• Lisp, Scheme, assembly languages, MIPS instruction set (academic level)
Programming Techniques
• Cross-platform programming (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, iOS, Android, Sony PS)
• Multi-process network design (2+ years, experimental research)
• Multi-threaded architecture (4 years independent + 2 years experimental research)
• TCP, UDP network programming (2+ years experimental research)
• Scripting environments, C++ to Lua binding (3+ years)
• AI Programming, Path-finding, Sensors, Collision Avoidance, Swarms, Camera Control. (6 years total: academic,independent,military)
Game Engines, User Interface & Tools
• FleetCOMM Engine (independent project, 5 years experience)
• Virtual Battle Space 3 (military research, 2 years experience)
• Unity, Unreal, Crytek, Cocos2D (beginner level)
• VR & AR (Oculus, HTC-vive, Microsoft Hololens) (beginner level)
• User interface design on touch-pads, game controllers, mouse, keyboard.
• Hardware UI experience in flight simulators & eye-trackers for scientific data collection.
Technical Experience : Military Tactics & Training
United States Marine Corps
• Certified Marksmanship Coach (Pistol & Rifle), awarded in Okinawa, Japan.
• Field Artillery Specialization : Cannon Crewman Course, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, USA.
• Jungle Warfare Training : Camp Gonzalvez, Okinawa, Japan.

Technical Experience : Game Expo Marketing (FleetCOMM Project)
PAX Prime 2012 (Seattle, Washington, USA), PAX East 2016 (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
Booth design, operations, stage graphics, demoing FleetCOMM prototypes and missions. Working knowledge of optimizing floor-space and working with stadium-sized LED screens. Business knowledge of labor unions involved in PAX, expo safety regulations, and Penny Arcade Expo policies.


Jan 2006 - May 2010

Bachelors in Computer Science at University of California, Santa Cruz


Oct 2015 - Mar 2017

Software Engineer at NASA Ames Research Center

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