Steamroller exists to breathe life into stories, characters, and experiences in visual, physical, and virtual spaces. Each project that comes our way, be it a game, a film, or a theme park ride, exists in its own universe. It is our job to bring this multiverse to life. Our animators build believable characters and whole worlds in a multitude of universes, while our developers manipulate the rules of perception to transport you to a new definition of reality. We relish the opportunity to bring our clients’ universes to life while also developing our own stories.

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Jasmine Troche

Steamroller Studios / Jasmine Troche

Jasmine Troche


3D Animator & MoCap Artist

Orlando, FL


Autodesk Maya, ViconBlade, Autodesk MotionBuilder, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Mudbox, Substance Painter, Mental Ray, Perforce, JIRA, Unreal Engine 4, Unity 5

Directing MoCap Sessions, MoCap Data Clean Up, Markering MoCap Actors, Biped & Quadruped Animation, Character Rigging, 3D Modeling + Texturing, UV Mapping, Prototype Development, Rendering, Storyboarding

Zynga Inc – 3D Animation Intern
September 2016 – December 2016

• Served as a 3D animator, character rigger, and VFX artist on 5 game prototypes
• Created over 40+ animations for both low – res and high – res characters
• Rigged and weighted seven low-res and high-res playable characters
• Generated Mecanim graphs for playable and background characters
• Crafted attack, environment, and congratulatory VFX for each of the 5 games
• Released titles (On Games with Friends): Slope Slider, More Peas, Reversi with Friends

LeyLines – 3D Animator/Motion Capture Technician
January 2016 – August 2016

3D action-adventure puzzle game developed in the Unreal Engine 4
• Worked on a team of 14 that consists of producers, programmers, and artists
• Set up and markered actors for Motion Capture shoots; operated Vicon Blade while co-directing these sessions
• Cleaned up all MoCap data in Vicon Blade and edited it in Motion Builder & Maya for the Unreal Engine. Key Frame animated enemy monsters.
• Created the rig for the player character and oversaw the creation of the enemy creature rigs
• Doubled as a 2D artist responsible for: concept art, UI, logo design, and promotional materials
• Performed many managerial art tasks, including: delegating & keeping track of artist tasks, determining assets needed for the game, development blogging, and co-creating the style guide
• Ley Lines was released on Steam in December 2016

Legends of Ley Lines – Producer, Animator, Storyboard Artist
May 2016 – August 2016

A 3D Motion Graphic, inspired by Cyberpunk 2077 && the LeyLines game
• Developed alongside 12 other artists
• Was responsible for initial 2D storyboards outlining actions, flow, and layout
• Jointly determined and oversaw the art direction, alongside 2 other artists
• Principle body rigger for female human character
• Posed each of the four characters and integrated assets into Unreal 4.10 engine
• Also in charge of scheduling meetings, divvying tasks, and overseeing developmental flow


UCF’s Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy
Interactive Entertainment MS – Animation
August 2015 – December 2016

Stetson University
BA – Digital Arts, minors in Art & Creative Writing
August 2011 – May 2015


Margaret Foley-Mauvais –  Zynga Inc. Franchise Art Director

Hans Winold – Zynga Inc. Technical Artist

Jonathan Annand – Iron Galaxy Studios Senior Animator


  • 3D animation
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Biped + Quadruped Animation
  • Character Rigging
  • Directing MoCap shoots
  • Maya
  • MoCap animation
  • MoCap data clean up
  • MotionBuilder
  • Mudbox
  • Storyboarding
  • Unity 5
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • UV Mapping
  • ViconBlade


August 2011 – May 2015

BA – Digital Arts, minors in Art & Creative Writing at Stetson University

August 2015 – December 2016

Interactive Entertainment MS – Animation at UCF’s Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy


September 2016 – December 2016

3D Animation Intern at Zynga Inc

Worked on seven separate game titles during my time at Zynga.

The roles I fulfilled were 3D animator, character rigger, VFX artist, and sprite sheet animator. Three of the titles I worked on have already been shipped on Games with Friends.

The work I’ve done at Zynga can be seen here: http://jasminetroche.wixsite.com/onlineportfolio/zynga
The password to this page is: kiiduANIMS2213

January 2016 – August 2016

3D Animator/Motion Capture Technician at Miria Studios - Ley Lines

Worked on the Capstone entitled “Ley Lines”, which is now available on Steam.

For approximately nine months, I served as the principle 3D animator, Motion Capture technician, character rigger, and art manager for the game. I had a large influence on the development and execution of the overall art style for the game. I kept the team on a steady trajectory towards our end product, kept tract of all the tasks and assets needed, enforced deadlines when needed, and guided teammates on anything they were unclear about or needed aid with.

During my tenure at FIEA, I was also involved in the creation of six other prototype games. I took a leadership role in determining and executing the art style. Due to this clarity and organization, we were able to produce a lot of art assets in a 2 week span.

May 2016 – August 2016

Animator, Producer, Storyboard Artist at Miria Studios - Legends of Ley Lines

Was involved in the production of a cinematic short based off of the “Ley Lines” video game.

I was responsible for the initial 2D storyboards outlining actions, flow, layout, and timing. In the initial stages, I jointly determined and oversaw the art direction of the entire project. Mid-way through production, however, we opted to completely overall the project and aim for something that was more abstract so we could focus on the heightened quality of art. This was done out of consideration for our time constraints and desire of our projects’ overall directors as well. Through having something that was more experimental, we were able to better acquaint ourselves with the Unreal Engine 4.10 and the overall process of creating a cinematic, to be better prepared for large-scale professional projects.

  • Animation
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