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Jesse James Figueroa

Steamroller Studios / Jesse James Figueroa

Jesse James Figueroa


Tech maintenance

New York

Work Experience

Field TechnicianSpectrum – Middletown, NY
June 2018 to April 2019

Residential cable installations, serviceability surveys, aerial and underground drop maintenance, home trouble calls and technical support. Installation, repair, and customer education for High Speed Digital, Phone, and Cable TV. Maintained company vehicle and equipment.

Regular experience with DSAM frequency meter, construction tools, and extension ladders.

Accomplishments: I regularly received recognition from superiors based on praise from clients regarding my knowledge and attitude.

Wine Cultivator/Tasting Room HostGlorie Farm Winery – Marlboro, NY
June 2017 to December 2017
Responsibilities Farm: Tending of Apple, Pear, Peach, and Nectarine Trees, as well as 16 varieties of grape vines. Splitting and organizing firewood. Transportation of equipment, fruit, and personnel across 50 acres. Operation of field equipment including tractors, propane forklift, hydraulic bin dumpers, gas powered log splitters, Crusher/De-stemmer, and Corking Machines. Additionally, Maintenance of Punchdown fermentation, bottling and corking. Tasting Room: Hosting groups between 2-50 people, and leading them through tastings of Glorie Wine. Tasks include opening the tasting bar, setting up displays, cleaning/dusting, processing sales transactions and customer loyalty memberships, closing tasting bar, pumping wine bottles, and educating guests about viticulture and other local attractions. Participation in 3 weekend Wreath Fineries at the Wineries event, which include professional festive decoration, signing guests in at a host terminal, distribution of complimentary gifts, and serving appetizers. Accomplishments: The only employee of Glorie Farm Winery to work both the field and the tasting room. Learned a great deal about fruit farming and viticulture, as well as wine blending, tasting and pairing. Established patronage with guests, through wine culture edification and excellent customer service. Skills used: -Physical agility and strength -Personable demeanor with guests -Adaptability -Leadership and Teamwork (in tasting room, delegated fellow employees) -Stringent safety standards (on the farm)

Heavy Lift Equipment Operator/ Select Desk TechnicianThe Home Depot – Montgomery, NY
August 2015 to March 2017
Responsibilities Organization of Inbound/Outbound Door Freight, Replenishment, and Inventory Maintenance. Accomplishments Won several peer awards for helping with experimental replenishment process, “skip replenishments,” during busy seasons, going above and beyond my basic duties in any given function, and versatility between several work functions. Learned how to use the following pieces of equipment quickly and proficiently: pallet jack, pacer truck, reach truck. Skills Used I used my incredible potential for adaptability in every function of this occupation: I knew nothing about working in a warehouse or operating heavy equipment when hired, yet I perform above expectations whenever I am given a new job function. My prior experience with software enabled me to quickly adapt to organizational roles and efficiently switch between functions.

Technical Maintenance SpecialistWashingtonville Schools – Washingtonville, NY
December 2013 to January 2015
Responsibilities Daily maintenance of student computer labs, assembly of computer towers, managing work orders on the helpdesk, data entry for networking and equipment logging, tech equipment maintenance and repair, equipment transport and distribution, frequent email correspondence, education of staff regarding the various operating platforms, equipment organization, general technical troubleshooting. Accomplishments Technical expertise and ability to learn quickly and ability to work outside the parameters of my basic job description. Ability to shave significant amounts of time from normally time-consuming tasks, such as network switch mapping, equipment assembly and allocation, and systems activation/setup. Skills Used -Regular experience with PC, Apple, and Chrome OS -Familiarity with tools such as projectors, audio equipment, cameras, phones, modems, routers, and network flukes -Ability to educate faculty on technical equipment despite their limited experience -Personable approach to clients -Ability to perform tasks in an efficient manner -Ability to communicate professionally with various vendors, executives, and faculty

PC/Tablet and Connectivity SpecialistBest Buy retail – Middletown, NY
December 2012 to March 2014

Daily functions include assistance with technical solutions, demonstrations of equipment and devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets, and certain mobile accessories. Consistently exhibited comprehensive knowledge and comparisons between various operating platforms and ability to communicate technical details to various customers.

Performed all retail tasks including Organization of shelf displays, assembly of equipment and training of fellow associates on familiarity with the products. Regularly organized employee schedules for my area when opening. Acted as department liaison for several vendors, including Time Warner Cable, Verizon, Apple, and Samsung. I was able to communicate the benefits and disadvantages of different items in relation to customers’ needs


Ability to assist in streamlining functions of retail sales and product demonstrations, which involved communicating complicated technical information to customers in a manner which they could comprehend and thus make an informed decision. Ability to go above and beyond the basic job description and troubleshoot/repair equipment, due to personal technical knowledge and experience.

Skills Used

-Customer and interpersonal skills

-Translations for various technical specifications and terminology

-Quality assurance of demonstration equipment

-Utilization of equipment in ways that the customer might not have considered

-Technical expertise regarding products ranging from mobile phones to desktop PCs

-Regular communication with vendors including TWC, Verizon, Sprint, Apple, and Samsung

  • Animation, Art, Concept, IT, Technical
  • Updated 11 months ago

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