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Jesus Roldan

Steamroller Studios / Jesus Roldan

Jesus Roldan


Professional Post Producer

Fern Park, FL


(I applied through Indeed.com originally. So this is a duplicate of my application. I just wasn’t sure if it made it to your team so I decided to reach out to your website directly. )

My name is Jesus,

I am cordially applying for the production coordinator position.

I have 12 plus years in post production video, even though you guys are doing video games I feel there are a lot of parallels to which I am uniquely fitted for this position.

For starters I am a self starter (no pun). I am have worked with teams and I have managed teams on the post production side. I am very creative and can give great input in a way that helps people learn and grow in a positive way.  I am also very organized, as well as communicative and able to talk to producers, and team leader to achieve goals and meet deadlines.  I have a credit on IMDb for production.  https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5515374/fullcredits?ref_=tt_cl_sm#cast

My current position is at NBC GOLF CHANNEL as a Media Curator. I help manage a library of footage as well as ingest video for other editing teams. As well as Edit for news on occasion. I thrive under creative influence and would love to be part of the team!


Jesus Roldan





Casselberry, FL 32730



Video editing specialist. Animation background. Authorized to work in the US for any employer


NBCUniversal Golf Channel – Orlando, FL January 2018 to Present
Work with Editors, Media Managing, Working with Avid systems, MAM and Interplay. Minor Avid Editing. Organizing and Maintenance of Media Equipment and Problem Solving. Ingesting Footage, Transcoding and Adding proper LUTs for color correction.

Video Editor

Chewy.com, LLC – Dania Beach, FL October 2016 to June 2017

Working with a robust team of Post Producers. Working with Raw uncolored Clips and converting them fully rendered Brand Deliverables. My day consisted of creating Polished edits, by emphasizing on strong editing, color grading and color correction, sound design and animating. Working with a staff writers, directors and creative artists to bring a final product forward and educating Chewy’s large and eclectic audience.

• Premiere Video Editing
• Color Grading/ Color Correction • Animation
• After Effects
• Sound Design
• Clean-up
• Quality Control

Creative Specialist

SKITZ TV, FOLLOW THROUGH PRODUCTIONS – Fort Lauderdale, FL 2014 to 2014

Working with a Solid Team of Producers, strong Editing and staff. Skitz Tv took the cheer leading world by storm with Cheerful out, gaining a big following on Youtube and other successful stories.

Skills I provided during my Tenure at Skitz Tv

• Premiere and Final Cut Editing
• Color Grading and Color Correction • Sound Design
• Quality Control
• Story boarding and Illustration • Animation
• Screen writing
• Visual Graphic Design
• Visual Effects
• After Effects Animation

Video Editor


2006 to 2014

Specializing in web based programs for the better part of a decade. Focus on quality film and editing their own movies for their websites and had a loyal customer base for eight years.

Senior Video Editor
(Final cut pro and Premiere)
Manage own workload of updating 5 websites a week with quality up to date video episodes on a timely basis.

● Awarded the position of Senior Editor for maintaining quality work on a consistent basis.

● Organizing all the shoots that were scheduled for the week and maintain a healthy work flow to make sure that all my updates were done with the best skill necessary to make sure the episode was finished in the highest quality to my standards.

● Experiment new ideas that were implemented into the standard over years of successful
● Top quality editing and color correction to make sure that the episode had the best color and saturation to please the viewer.
● Understand and conceptualize a good story to engage the viewer.
● Worked with many directors and producers hand in hand to make amazing episodes that
are still considered the top most viewed episodes in ALMA’s history.
● Led the team into full integration of High Definition Video and quality.
● Highly regarded as one of the Best editors in Kama’s history.

Freelance Editing

Blind beast – Miami, FL 2010 to 2012

Directing and producing.

● Work with some talented musicians who were eager to get a video done for their music. ● Assembled all the graphic work for all the videos under this production studio.
● Production and graphic coordinator
● Storyboard Artist/ conceptualize the videos for the director and producers.

● Led the way in creative style for the music videos ● design custom graphics used in each song.

● Started out as Freelance Video and Graphics editor for Blind beast, this is where I shined as being the best at my job. ● Build quality music videos for Miami’s music Scene.
● Worked with many talented videographers and and Directors to make some very
creative and inventive ideas for great music videos.

● Built quality graphics that were incorporated into all the videos they released.
● Directed two music videos and gained experience in learning production on the ground floor.


Bachelors of Science in Computer Animation

Miami International University of Art and Design
• After Effects (5 years)
• Photoshop (10+ years)
• Illustrations (10+ years)
• Final Cut Pro (9 years)
• Adobe Premiere (5 years) • Premiere
• Adobe Creative Suite
• Lightroom
• Video Production
• Video Editing
• Adobe Premiere Pro
• Social Media Marketing
• Photography
• Avid




  • After Effects
  • AVID
  • Excel
  • FCPX
  • Illustration
  • Managerial
  • Maya
  • post production
  • premiere



animation at Miami International University of Art and Design

  • Art
  • Updated 10 months ago

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