Steamroller exists to breathe life into stories, characters, and experiences in visual, physical, and virtual spaces. Each project that comes our way, be it a game, a film, or a theme park ride, exists in its own universe. It is our job to bring this multiverse to life. Our animators build believable characters and whole worlds in a multitude of universes, while our developers manipulate the rules of perception to transport you to a new definition of reality. We relish the opportunity to bring our clients’ universes to life while also developing our own stories.

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Lee Wulc

Steamroller Studios / Lee Wulc

Lee Wulc


3d character animator

Santa Fe NM USA

Skill Set and Recent Experience
Well versed in character, acting and creature animation. Strong capabilities in using motion capture data to animate as well as proficiency in timing and beats. Excellent personal skills and enjoys collaborating in a team environment including in a “shotgun pipeline”. Works well under deadlines and is not intimidated by complicated rigs.
Software and tools sets include:
* Maya
* Photo Shop
* After Effects
* Motionbuilder
* Rigging and Modeling
* Basic Lighting and Rendering

Meow Wolf, Santa Fe, NM March 2019 – September 2019
Company animator for emerging arts and entertainment group headquartered in Santa Fe, NM. Meow Wolf is known for creating and operating interactive multimedia experiences and transport fantastical realms of storytelling:
⦁ Integrated character animation with the VR group to deliver personal devices apps and headsets.
⦁ Strong understanding of Maya based software using bifrost dynamics as well as rendering in Arnold.
⦁ Developed a cooperative environment with modelers and post- production editors to enhance visual effects for company videos and products
⦁ Creating rigs for creatures including bipeds and quadrupeds.
⦁ Applied animation techniques for the Marketing department that included motion graphics and logos

Academy of Art and University, San Francisco, CA
Bachelor in Fine Arts, Major Concentration: 3D Animation


March 2019 – September 2019

3d animator and rigger at Meow Wolf

  • Animation
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