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Michael Paul Cottam

Steamroller Studios / Michael Paul Cottam

Michael Paul Cottam


3D Artist, Generalist

China, from UK

MICHAEL P COTTAM – 30 years in Games

Art Director for Mobile Games, Lead Artist, Senior Environment Artist & Game Art Lecturer

Email: michaelcottam831@gmail.com


•    29 years of hands-on game creation experience at several AAA studios
•    25 games created working in England, America, Canada, Australia, India and the Czech Republic
•    A lecturer, tutorial writer, and researcher in Seattle, Singapore, and Shanghai
•    I obtained 12 work visas, also an American diplomatic visa
•    I use: Maya, 3DS Max, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Photoshop and other tools
•    R&D developer for efficient pipelines at many studios
•    An Artist, Manager, Planner, and Organiser
•    I’m always a student and willing to learn what is needed
•    I’m able to adapt to changing situations and new cultures
•    I’m a VFX artist, compositor, lighting/rendering artist, and filmmaker.
•    I have experience with effects, editing, and compositing for film
•    I’m a mechanical and electrical engineer. I build robots and use LabVIEW

Experience, Positions, and a list of Games I helped to create

Game Instructor– Vancouver Film School (Shanghai)– Shanghai, China – September 2017 > Current

Senior Artist– Madfinger + Bohemia Interactive– Brno, Czech Republic – Sep 2016 > June 2017

•    Shadowgun Legends and ARMA replacement game
•    3D Level creation using 3DS Max, Unity, Photoshop and Substance Painter

Mobile Games Studio Art Director – Dhruva Interactive– Bangalore, India – Apr 2015 > Mar 2016

•    Managed projects for Microsoft, King, Ubisoft, Innogames, Pocket Gems, and Wooga
•    I directed a large team creating 2D and 3D art for social games and consoles
•    R&D for Microsoft Forza team and worked in an in-house school for 3D Art

Film Student – University of West London– London, England – Sep 2013 > Apr 2015

•    Film Production Course, I took time out to study my filming and digital effects interest.

Art Director – Gaia Technologies– Bangor, Wales – Jul 2012 > Sep 2013

•    3D Virtual Learning for Schools
•    Teaching 3D Art teams for asset creation
•    Level creation using Photoshop and 3DS Max

Senior Environment Artist– Relentless Games Ltd– Brighton, England – Feb 2012 > Apr 2012

•    Running Wild National Geographic
•    Level creation using Photoshop and 3DS Max, I worked with Autodesk to fix 3DS Max 2013

Senior Environment Artist– Electronic Arts– Guilford, England – May 2010 > Jul 2010

•    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
•    Level creation using Photoshop and MAYA
•    Converted PS3 to Wii, this art replaced the PS3 game

Head of Game/Animation –Senior Game Lecturer– SAE/Digipen– Singapore – 2008 > 2010

•    For Digipen: Lectured a BFA for Games and an in-house Ubisoft Diploma
•    For SAE: Lectured a BFA Games and Animation BA
•    3D art and animation using Maya, 3DS MAX, ZBrush and Photoshop

Lead Environment Artist– THQ– Brisbane, Australia – 2007 > 2008

•    Avatar the Last Air Bender – Into the Inferno
•    Project scheduling and team management
•    Pipeline development
•    Pre–Production art and 3D development

Senior Environment –Character Artist – Pandemic– Brisbane, Australia – 2006 > 2007

•    Batman Dark Knight – (Our designs were used for the movie)
•    3D art and animation using Maya, 3DS MAX, ZBrush and Photoshop

Lead/Senior EnvironmentArtist– EA(Black Box and Burnaby) – Vancouver, Canada – 2005 > 2006

•    Need for Speed: Most Wanted/Carbon, SSX Snowboarding – On Tour and Skate I
•    Scheduling art tasks and managed 3D asset team
•    3D art and animation using Maya, 3DS MAX and Photoshop
•    Pipeline development

Senior Staff Environment Artist– LucasArts/Film– Skywalker Ranch- San Rafael, USA – 2002 > 2005

•    Star Wars Battlefront I, Mercenaries I, Star Wars Republic Commando I,
Sam and Max (Freelance Police) and Gladius. I also worked on Star Wars movie assets
•    3D art and animation using Maya, 3DS MAX, ZBrush and Photoshop

Senior Environment –Character Artist– Totally Games– San Rafael, USA – 2001 > 2002

•    Star Trek, Bridge Commander, and Secret Weapons Over Normandy
•    3D art and animation using Maya, 3DS MAX, ZBrush and Photoshop

Senior Environment Artist– Warthog Games– Cheadle, Manchester, England – 1998 > 2001

•    Rally Championship, Starlancer and Star Trek Invasion
•    3D art and animation using 3DS MAX and Photoshop

Environment –Character Artist– Psygnosis – Manchester, Liverpool and Chester England – 1996 > 1998

•    The Contract with Andy McNab (The highest decorated soldier in the world)
•    3D Character and Environment construction using Softimage and Photoshop

Environment Artist –2D Concept Artist– Electronic Arts– Manchester, England – 1988 > 1996

•   Privateer II the Darkening and Dark Light Conflict – Previously I worked a little on Wing Commander III where I was one of the first two 3D artists in the game industry
•    3D art using 3DS MAX and Photoshop and created pre-production artwork

My first game was on a Sinclair ZX81 in 1981; this was a WWII flying game using basic code, not art. Before the game industry, I was a CAD operator, creating electrical engineering drawings for ICI. I was a Self-Employed Artist and Graphic Artist too. In 1980, I was commissioned to create pencil drawings for Staedtler offices in Nuremberg. I’m a fully qualified electrician. I also drink a lot of tea!

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