Steamroller exists to breathe life into stories, characters, and experiences in visual, physical, and virtual spaces. Each project that comes our way, be it a game, a film, or a theme park ride, exists in its own universe. It is our job to bring this multiverse to life. Our animators build believable characters and whole worlds in a multitude of universes, while our developers manipulate the rules of perception to transport you to a new definition of reality. We relish the opportunity to bring our clients’ universes to life while also developing our own stories.

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Oscar Chavez

Steamroller Studios / Oscar Chavez

Oscar Chavez

Oscar Chavez
Labelle, FL 239-234-0738
Willing to relocate: Yes
GPA: 3.49 / GPS: 99
Game Designer



Help to create fun, unforgettable, and narrative-focused gameplay experiences with use of 20+ years of video game passion/research and 3 years of Game Design experience.

Independent Projects
Game Designer/Programmer
Jan. 28 – Feb. 29 2017
The Student- A fun and reaction based game in which the player takes on the role of “the student” in mini games in order to complete different “side” jobs and homework assignments at the same time.
o PC, Unity, C# / Created the GDD and programmed the entire game alone; to include animations, score systems and random indexes.
Game Designer/Programmer
May 2 2017 – Sept. 25 2017
Internet Café Catastrophe- A strategy and time management game in which the player serves customers to meet their income quota while hindering hackers and dealing with occurrences such as floods, fires and blackouts.
o PC, Unity, C# / Worked in a team of 5 with random schoolmates. I programmed animations, randomly timed events, and interactive objects. Created a level select menu and cut scenes between levels. Fixed multiple bugs throughout development.

Non-Game Industry Experience
Site Supervisor | Global Security Group International
May 2014 – Current
Ensure guards appointed and myself:
• Know how to properly write a report and email it to the proper receivers
• Build a rapport with residents to allow for a more unified community
Platoon Leader | U.S Army Reserve
May 2012 – Current
• Create short and long-term plans to allow for the completion of all objectives
• Maintain a professional relationship with 30+ soldiers
Full Sail University
• Bachelor of Science in Game Design (Graduated September 2017)
University of Tampa
• Bachelor of Arts in History w/ minor in Philosophy (Graduated May 2012)


Level Editors
• Unreal Engine 4
• Unity
• C/C++ and C#
• JavaScript
• Unreal Blueprints and UnrealScript
Game Design
• Level design & blockout, pacing, and cinematic event scripting
• Game system design, implementation, and balancing
• Intuitive UI/UX design
• Visually focused design documentation
• Playtest conducting and iteration
• Maya
• Perforce and Visual Studio
• Adobe Photoshop
• Microsoft Office
• Google Drive Programs


02/03/15 - 09/28/17

B.S - Game Design at Full Sail University

Graduated with 3.49 GPA

08/06/08 - 05/07/12

B.A - History at University of Tampa

Minor in Philosophy

  • Programming
  • Updated 2 years ago

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