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Pablo Rosero

Steamroller Studios / Pablo Rosero

Pablo Rosero


Production Coordinator (Vendor) at Google

Mountain View, CA

Dear Steamroller Studios,

I’m a bilingual Engineer in Production and Direction of Multimedia Arts, and a Master of Science in Game Design from Full Sail University. The Master-Level program focused intensely on management and production. I am currently a Vendor to Google for Google Play as a Production Coordinator. I have 7 years of experience in Production / Project Management and Marketing.

In 2011, I founded my own successful web design and development agency where I managed and oversaw all projects. In 2015, I worked for five startup companies at the same time for several hours a day while I was also getting my Game Design Master of Science from Full Sail University with a focus on Production. I was a co-organizer of the biggest indie game community, Indienomicon, and a Marketing Lead and Producer at CelleC Games. In 2016, I was a Contract Project Manager for Disney Interactive working on the biggest internally developed mobile game at Disney with an international cross-functional team, where I also was the scrum master. I currently am a Production Coordinator (Vendor) at Google.

I’m a very detail-oriented and analytical person with a sharp focus which has helped me collaborate with cross-functional internal and external teams. This fostered skills to manage projects, develop excellent communication aptitudes, and be self-driven. I am very organized and methodical, and great at following-up the status of things because of my experience leading teams during production.

Overall, I think this drive and capacity to manage several important responsibilities and projects at once makes me a highly qualified professional with great skills in problem-solving, critical-thinking and decision-making.

I would be very thankful for an opportunity and kindly request an interview when the appropriate time comes.

I can best be reached by email at pablorosero@me.com or by phone at 407-928-3792.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Best regards,

Pablo Rosero


October 2014 - October 2015

Master of Science in Game Design and Production at Full Sail University

October 2016 - February 2011

Engineer in Production and Direction of Multimedia Arts at Universidad Catolica de Santiago de Guayaquil


Jan 2017 - Current

Production Coordinator (Vendor) at Google

As a Production Coordinator (Vendor via Vaco) for the Google Play CRM team, I collaborate with cross-functional marketing and merchandising teams to deliver high-value promotional campaigns.
I support end-to-end execution of major global email and notification programs, including creative coordination, production, delivery, and reporting.
I work with product marketing managers to develop customer segmentation strategies to ensure maximum relevance to consumers. I conduct weekly project meetings and communicate project status.

May 2016 - Oct 2016

Release Project Manager (Contract) at Disney Interactive

As a Contract Release Project Manager, I used JIRA to assign tasks to team members (devs, artists and designers) and wrote daily status reports for senior executives. I acted as the Scrum Master for the Sandcastle Studio of Disney Interactive.
During my time at Disney Interactive, I recalculated thousands of hours of work and restructured tools for 3 different international outsourced art asset teams.
I helped the studio reach the finish line in the last crucial months of development before the release of Disney Enchanted Tales.

Jun 2015 – Dec 2016

Social Media Director & Co-Organizer at Indienomicon

Indienomicon is Orlando’s biggest independent game developer community and event.
I was in charge of assisting with marketing plans. I managed all social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
I co-organized the overall community and assisted with event logistics for meet ups, game jams and other special events.
Since my involvement, Indienomicon had tripled their overall fanbase, outreach, and community interaction.
Indienomicon is how I first got deeply involved with the game developer community, leading me to work for several startup game companies at the same time for more than 14 hours a day while I was also getting my Master’s in Game Design from Full Sail University, handling several important roles in different organizations.

Jun 2015 – Nov 2015

Producer & Marketing Lead at CelleC Games / Black Banshee Studios

As a Producer, I handled the Production of several mobile games at a time for this STEM and educational games company. Including three early childhood games for the original Barnibles game series, and Spellbook, a fruit ninja-inspired, orb-swiping spelling game.
As a Marketing Lead for all games, I coordinated the development of art assets directly with the Producers of each game. Created an online posting schedule and supervised social media management across all platforms using Hootsuite. I managed online Ads and AB Test analytics for Facebook and Google Ads. I also handled press releases and email campaigns, and public relations.
Additionally, as a QA Tester, I tested and reported bugs and feedback to the development team for two soon-to-be-released PC games, a unique first-person shooter and a first-person horror game.
I successfully triplicated the outreach of the company in public awareness and social media.
I executed paid Facebook and Google Ads campaigns with AB Testing and Analytics.

Feb 2011 - Oct 2014

CEO & Producer at Sopapo Productions

CEO and owner of an agency company for web design and multimedia. I managed the production of more than 10 websites, 18 graphic design jobs and 2 app developments. I directed the Production and Development for all the websites and projects.
I managed a team of up to 12 people to deliver custom websites done from scratch with groundbreaking new web technologies, our own content management system, and use of APIs for popular platforms like Facebook, Flickr and YouTube.
I headed marketing and client communications. And we offered social media management and digital marketing as a service to our customers to expand their business with paid and organic campaigns.
Facebook, Google, Twitter Ads with AB Testing, Analytics and reporting to several customers. Reporting the effectiveness of campaigns and investment.

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To contact this candidate email pablorosero@me.com

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