Steamroller exists to breathe life into stories, characters, and experiences in visual, physical, and virtual spaces. Each project that comes our way, be it a game, a film, or a theme park ride, exists in its own universe. It is our job to bring this multiverse to life. Our animators build believable characters and whole worlds in a multitude of universes, while our developers manipulate the rules of perception to transport you to a new definition of reality. We relish the opportunity to bring our clients’ universes to life while also developing our own stories.

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Pankaj Kumar

Steamroller Studios / Pankaj Kumar

Pankaj Kumar


Animation Lead



“Animation Lead”

EMAIL ADDRESS – pkinstinct@gmail.com                                                  MOBILE NUMBER – +91 9717559119

CURRENT CITY & POSTAL ADDRESS – DELHI, 110092                            SKYPE ID – kumarpanks2

CREATURE ANIMATION REEL– https://vimeo.com/298220514            PASSWORD – work19

GAME ANIMATION REEL – https://vimeo.com/349295660


“ Creative, talented and innovative ideas with consolidated expertise in Animation Industry”

As  an Animation Lead have developed a skill to  manage  the  team  and  produce  the  realistic  and required  style of animation with proper communication between Animation Director and Management. I am involved  from staging  to  the  final  output. I  am dynamic   and   enthusiastic  with a very  positive  and  out going  person, I do not find  it  hard  to  inspire  and  encourage my  team  members  to  work  to  the best of their ability. Besides my  job, I also take part in a number of  wide  ranging  voluntary  roles  and sporting pursuits  which  further build  my abilities to work within teams and  achieve common goals.


·         Realistic Character & Creature Animation (Humanoid, Quadruped & Mechanical)

·         Facial & Lip-sync Animation

·         Basic Rigging

·         Unreal Engine 4 (Integration, Sequencer, Sockets, learning State Machine & Basic Lighting)

·         Prop Modeling

·         Motion captured data



·         Gesture Drawing

·         Figure and Action’s shape Study


Software                               Experience Level
Autodesk MAYA                        10/10
Photoshop                                   8/10
3ds MAX                                      5/10
After Affects & Premier Pro     7/10
Motion Builder                           8/10
Unreal Engine                             7/10


Kleem Vfx Studio (Faridabad), India (1st June 2019 – Current)

“Animation Lead”
Projects – Undisclosed Feature Film

·         Boosting the morale of team’s vision and mould their ideas into the animation style where appropriate.

·         Responsible for leading the team of 11 animators and mentor them to achieve the required quality.

·         Worked closely with Animation & Creative Director in an effort to drive the project forward.

·         Manage meeting schedules and maintain ongoing communication with character’s design and work flow with production and other  team artists as well.

·         Take daily animation reviews and offer creative feedback to artists.

·         Taking complicated shots in realistic creature and humanoid’s dialogue based characters.


Streamline Studios (Kula Lumpur), Malaysia (22nd Jan 2018 –5th Dec 2018)

Projects – “Samurai Shodown(Spirits) – AAA Game” “Ashes of Creation – AAA Game”

“Transformers – AAA Game” “In –House portfolio”

·         Responsible for various range of animation including Cinematic and In game development.

·         Mentored team of 5 in the development of high quality characterized animations.

·         Interfaced with project leads and programming to insure said animations fit the stylistic desires of design as well as the limitations and needs of programming.

·         Created a multitude of animations as needed.

·         Worked on the Menasor & Devastator robotic(machine) Transformers.


ACCOMPLISHMENTS: As a supportive lead & Senior Animator, taken part in the team to develop 1 minute of cinematic animation on unreleased In-House project yet, as well as in key animation for Samurai Shodown(spirits) in roughly 3 months. Maintained a high level of morale and ensured zero staff turnover for that duration.


Rockstar Games, India (18th March 2015 -31st Dec 2017)

Projects -“Red Dead Redemption 2 – AAA Game”

·         Trained the pipeline and mentored to a talented team of four creative animators to achieve the quality.

·         Focused on realistic body animation and heavily modified pre-existing mocap.

·         Provided the final data after checking in engine for player motion, multi in game-stage animations.


Freelance Animator, (1st Nov 2014 – 31st March 2015)

Project – “Kadamban – VFX Film”

·         Responsible for the various range of realistic animal’s animation.


Tata Elxsi, India (23rd July 2014 – 25th Oct 2014)

Project -“Heidi – Tv Series”

·         Laid the foundation for overall art style and demonstrated how it would be achieved.

·         Responsible for focusing the team’s vision, and building their ideas into the style where appropriate.

·         Worked closely with leads and project management in an effort to drive the project forward.


PRANA STUDIOS, India (30th May 2011 – 30th Jun 2014)

Projects – “Tinkerbell and the legend of the Neverbeast – Disney toon Film series ” “ Postman Pat – Featured Film”

“ Saving Santa – Featured Film” “ Leo’s Pad – Ipad Insight”

“Legend of Oz: Dorothy’s Return – Featured Film”


·         Stirred my skills into various types of animation challenges and built the relationship between Animation Director and Leads.

·         Received two awards during the work for delivering on time and the responsibility towards taking care of

other’s animation target.

·         Assembled my skills to produce hand animation for Classical, semi-realistic, Biped and Quadruped characters.

J.S Digikriti Entertainments, India (1st Feb 2010 – 29th April 2011)

Project -“GEVO – PC Game”

·         Incorporated my animation expertise into flying and biped’s animation cycle.

·         Maintained the foundation of my modeling aptitude to develop the asset and prop models.

Ellixer World Software, India (1st Jun 2009 – 25th Jan 2010)

Project -“Learn without fear (Tv Series)”

·         Developed the pattern and cartoony style of animation.

Red Design Studio, India (1st Nov 2008 – 29th May 2009)

“3D Interior & Exterior Design, Walk through Animation, – Client & Product based”

·         Created Structural framing and developed the details to establish the 3d models.

Sikkim Manipal University – Bachelor of Science in Multimedia (B.Sc. MM) – Grade B(2005 – 2008)
Arena Animation-Diploma in Multimedia-Grade B (2005 – 2007)

English – Fluent

Small Detail in Skills:

Basic Rigging

·         Set up and add the in between controller and basic Skinning. Un real Engine

·         Integration – Import and Export animation from Maya.

·         Sequencer – Set up the multiple Camera and merging the animation and Render.

·         Sockets – Parent constraint for the extra prop into the existing models.

·         Basic lighting set up INTERESTS & HOBBIES:

I love reading novel, Physical workout, Sketching & developing my animation skills.

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