Steamroller exists to breathe life into stories, characters, and experiences in visual, physical, and virtual spaces. Each project that comes our way, be it a game, a film, or a theme park ride, exists in its own universe. It is our job to bring this multiverse to life. Our animators build believable characters and whole worlds in a multitude of universes, while our developers manipulate the rules of perception to transport you to a new definition of reality. We relish the opportunity to bring our clients’ universes to life while also developing our own stories.

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Randy Gerson

Steamroller Studios / Randy Gerson

Randy Gerson

Randy B. Gerson
Technical Environment Artist
1207 56th Avenue Dr E | Bradenton, Fl 34203
| 6095535133 | rgerson@c.ringling.edu|www.randygerson.com
Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, FL
Bachelors of Fine Arts | May 2017
Game Art and Design Major/ Business of Art and Design Minor

Skills and Software_________________________________________________________________
Proficient: Maya, Zbrush, Unreal Engine 4, Photoshop, CrazyBump, Marvelous Designer
Working knowledge: 3ds Max, 3d-coat, Mudbox, Quixel suite, xNormal, Substance Painter, Blueprint, Perforce, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Adobe Premiere
Some: Blender, Substance Designer, Cascade, Houdini, World Machine

Environment Art Experience | Ringling College of Art and Design | Sarasota, FL | 2013-Present
Developed and reiterated a conceptualized space and the assets that would populate it
Followed art lead/ professor’s direction and reiterated upon design(s)
Modeled, UV, textured, and baked models high to low, to be placed in engine
Lit scene for mood and player path/ focal point in engine
Rigged and animated props for kinetic variety

Game Design Experience | Ringling College of Art and Design | Sarasota, FL | 2013-Present
Blocked level in with accordance to specified game play design
Used visual scripting to prototype game play interaction
Built HUD displays and menu screens
Altered level layout and fixed technical bugs in accordance to peer feedback
QA tested peer levels to assure bug fixes have occurred

Leadership Experience(s)
Senior Thesis | Ringling College of Art and Design | Sarasota, FL | January 2016- April 2017
Created functional game prototype, under strict year long deadline, with frequent pitches and full faculty reviews. Created fully set dressed, next gen quality environments optimized to run at frame rate.
Conference Associate | UBM/ GDC | Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA | March 2015-2016
Working within a team of professionals to create an outstanding environment for conference attendees and to aid speakers and developers in assigned tasks
Student Ambassador | Ringling College of Art and Design | Sarasota, FL | September 2015- Present
Selected by a faculty head to represent the Game art major, promote college through a professional demeanor, to visiting artists, donors, and prospective students.

References and portfolio available upon request


  • Marvelous Designer
  • Maya
  • Modeling
  • Painting
  • Photoshop
  • Sculpting
  • Substance Painter
  • Unreal 4
  • ZBrush


August 2013/ may 2017

Game art major/ Business Minor at Ringling College of art and Design

Should graduate in May

  • Art
  • Updated 4 years ago

To contact this candidate email rgerson@c.ringling.edu

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