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Willem Kranendonk

Steamroller Studios / Willem Kranendonk

Willem Kranendonk

Curriculum Vitae:
Willem Kranendonk
US: (310) 310 4972 – NL: +31627595379
Skype: willemjk1994

A senior student (final year) at Saxion’s Game & Technology faculty, with relevant working experience in
both the Netherlands as well as internationally. A passionate, ambitious and aspiring game designer and
producer, leaving no stone unturned to find out everything there is to know about the industry . I am a
world citizen and good communicator. A self-starter who is able to lead teams towards a common goal.
My ambition is to build a successful career in gaming and doing what I love to do, all day, every day, while
avoiding the ordinary and deliver tangible value.
Place of Birth : San Francisco-California/USA
Nationalities : American
Work Experience:
● Craftstruct Games (February 2018 – Present) Level Designer: Personally reached out to be a
level designer for the upcoming game “Battle For It All” (made in Unreal Engine 4) which is a
battle royale game coming to steam. I created a whole new area for the game as well as
improving on current areas that needed to be reworked.
● Wayforward Technologies – Santa Clarita (May 2017 – September 2017) Quality Assurance:
Worked as Quality Assurance for “Shantae: ½ Genie Hero” and the new DLC “Pirate Queen’s
Curse” on platform’s such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita and Wii U. I also worked on
classified content for a previously released game as well as contributing to “The Mummy:
Demastered”. Wayforward is one of the world’s biggest independent developers, housing
some of the finest talent in the video game industry.
● Reverge Studios – Marina Del Rey (2016 – 2017) Game Design Intern: Worked side by side with
Richard Wyckoff, designed and incremented levels for Mobile Games such as “Frosty Jump” and
“Kong”. This included using Photoshop to design the levels, as well as QA testing all of Reverge’s
Games such as “Star Chamber”, “Ghost Miner” and “Frosty Jump”.
● Frontwire Studios (2016) Creative Director: Recreated levels from the updated assets obtained by
Free Radical Studios.
● Badaluma GmbH Game Director (2015 – 2016): Through “Redbrick”, won the bid to be lead
Game Design Director and consultant for a Swiss development project aimed to assist pharma
companies in teaching employees into reacting to certain scenarios and tackling certain issues.
● Tag Gamer Game Director (2011-To 2016): Currently created several Games under my small
group “Tag Gamer”, using Unity 5. This Group pitched and created games for several clients.
Some highlights including “GeoTech” which was nominated for “Best Student Game of the Year”
award, PSEUDO which was created for the Hengelo Heim Museum
● MHS Capital Intern (2014 – 2015): I ntern/Summer job with this Florida based residential real estate
company. I learned how to use Real Page and helped to lease apartments as well as managing
invoices and helping to write contracts.
● Next Battle Game Designer (2012-2013): I created a fan-based BioShock Adventure Map for
Minecraft called “BioCraft”.
References available upon request
● Level Design/Game Design: Ability to use software such as Unity, Maya, Photoshop, Source
SDK, Unreal Engine 4 and Substance Painter to design and create levels whilst also developing
new mechanics and new forms of gameplay. Examples include GeoTech where I designed levels
through Photoshop and incremented them into Unity.
● Communication: Through Badaluma, I arranged and lead meetings with the investors and the
development team as well as lead the daily meetings with the dev team who were not in the
company area at the time. I would manage the meetings using Scrum management (Hansoft
Software) as well as tracking tasks using Asana. Passionate communicator and public speaker.
● Quality Assurance: During my time at WayForward, I obtained the ability to write bugs in
YouTrack and frequently search for bugs that would polish the experience for the player even
● Film Editing: In my spare time I also do a lot of video editing in software like Premiere Pro. It has
quickly turned into something I use regularly and has allow me to market my content that I create.
This includes making a trailer for my upcoming level “Close Encounters” that has reached out to
many fans of BioShock across the globe.
The Netherlands 2009-Present
● Saxion University – Enschede: Game Design and Technology – Final year. Expected graduation:
summer 2018
● British School of Amsterdam Sep 2012-2014 : Passed two A-levels and 2 As-levels, A level
geography, A level Business Studies, IGCSE Math, IGCSE English
● International School Hilversum Sep 2009-2012:
Year 8, 9, 10 (MYP 3, 4)
Year 8 : Certificate of Roots and Shoots (30 service hours) part of MYP Community Service
Year 10 : Certificate of the Middle Years Programme MYP 5 of the International Baccalaureate
MYP certificate for community and Service (50 hours).
England 2001 – 2009
● New Lodge School : Year 2-Year 6:
Awarded the Peerce Cup for excellent conduct and for help to his peers in the whole school.
Shell Eco Marathon Project. Also 3 times Captain of the Berry house and Full time Librarian in
Year 6, one of the main roles in Year 6 play, participated with his Team at Lego Competition
nationally in Surrey and UK, won 2 nd prize nationally and went to Norway to participate in World
Lego Competition.
● Downsend School :
Year 7 & 8 : Preparation for 13+ exams
Santiago/Chile 1999-2001: Nido de Aguillas International School :
Athens/Greece Mar 1999-July 1999: Campion International School
Indonesia 1997-1999 : Surabaya International School :
Languages : First: English Second: French (some), Dutch (some) and Japanese (Beginner)
Hobbies/Interests : Gaming, Go Karting, electric guitar and golf. Keen interest in music, history, movie
making, comics, F1 and motorsport in general.


  • 3D Modelling
  • Game Design
  • Level Design
  • Maya
  • Photoshop
  • Production
  • Quality Assurance
  • Source SDK
  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Art
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