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Zachariah Pascal

Steamroller Studios / Zachariah Pascal

Zachariah Pascal


Operations specialist

New Mexico, Sandia Park

Skillset –

·         University educated in Operations and Marketing ( Operations should absolutely transfer over to production.)

o   EOQ reorder points, safety stock, etc.

·         High general computer literacy

·         Specific software Experience

o   Excel – Microsoft suite

o   Photoshop – General raster and vector tools

·         Good social skills

·         Eager to learn



I have extensive experience with using software like Excel, using it for day to day calculations and building reusable templates that calculate useful outputs. Additionally I have used SPSS for statistical survey analysis and know how to build said surveys. Otherwise general computer software expertise that allows me to learn tools as needed.

Additionally I know how to engage others, write emails, and be conscious of other people’s personal spaces. Boundaries are important, while it’s good to know one’s coworkers there shouldn’t be unwelcomed assumed familiarity.

I know that my education is only a foundation to a wider world; graduation isn’t a point to just stop learning. I believe a healthy curiosity does a soul wonders and this is reflected in wanting to learn more, be it on my own interests or related to the career.


·         University of New Mexico – UNM 2015 –Finished Winter 2018

I enrolled in the Anderson School of Management at UNM, taking the dual concentration of Operations Management and Marketing. Both versatile concentrations by themselves this gives me a wide range of skills to apply to the job. I am confident in the skills I learned while being that student that always sat in the front row. My favorite classes involved operations management because being able to engage a problem as a complex puzzle and coming up with a solution is very satisfying to me.

·         Central New Mexico Community College – CNM 2010-2014 – Graduated

Associate of the Arts in business, pursued part time while working before transferring to UNM.

My Experience – Pre-college education jobs

·         Digital Character Illustrator, on commission work, 2013 – Ongoing

This is an ongoing hobby job, which has taught and furthered my understanding of a one-man-show of managing my own business. This includes time management, time estimates, price quotes, skill development and product exploration. I am confident that this has let me learn a good deal of back end business skills. This ongoing hobby has made me confident in my ability with art based software, but I cannot claim any direct “Graphic design” knowledge besides what I have learned second hand from others.

·         Papa Murphy’s Pizza, Crew, 2010-2014

·         Dish Washer 2007-2009

These two jobs were my entry into the work force. Papa murphy’s where I did every task excluding management at some point. This work included taking in inventory, running the register, making the dough for the pizza, making the pizzas themselves and waving a sign outside. The dishwashing job in comparison was focused and only additionally had some closing work that deviated from the dishes.


August 2015 - finished December 2018

Operations AND marketing at University of New mexico

Operations should provide a good bed rock to build for production. Less safety stock and more keeping everyone coordinated and making sure everyone isn’t flying off over the horizon working on something confused.

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