Steamroller Studios is a full service production house with a family friendly atmosphere. Our personal backgrounds are in film, having worked on such titles as Avatar, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, How to Train Your Dragon 2, and The Hobbit Trilogy. Our studio offers animation, programming, concept art, and more. We have worked on projects such as Rise of the Tomb Raider, Worms W.M.D., Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Prey, Agents of Mayhem and many others, including our own original IP, Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse.

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“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life.”

Richard Bach

Jalil Sadool

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jalil is a powerhouse and our driving force. He was an Animation Lead at Weta Digital Ltd where he worked on such films as Avatar and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. At DreamWorks Animation he was the Animation Lead on the mighty Bewilderbeast for How to Train your Dragon 2 as well as part of the animation team who brought Jack Frost to life in Rise of the Guardians. His previous films also include Narnia, and The Water Horse, just to name a few. Jalil’s passion for games and storytelling is an integral aspect of Steamroller’s culture. His strong work ethic and passion are the catalysts behind Steamroller Studios success. When he’s not busy making taking us to the moon, he enjoys hanging out with his huge collection of statues and collectibles. Oops, I mean hanging out with his lovely wife and adorable daughter.

Keith Lackey

Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Keith is the heart of Steamroller Studios; he makes everything work with his mad programming skills. He has previously used he’s giant brain to work at the renowned visual effects house Weta Digital where he worked on such movies as The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Avatar, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, The Adventures of Tintin, Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, The Avengers and Happy Feet. He’s a down to earth guy who has tunnel vision when working on a project making sure the job gets done no matter how sleep deprived. When not working or taking long walks on the beach with his wife, two kids and beagle, he enjoys writing endless amounts of code and hacking into the Matrix. We also suspect somewhere deep within his beard lie the secrets of the universe.

Adam Meyer

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Adam is a creative wizard who makes us look good. He has been designing and drawing since he was in the womb and has worked for clients such as EA Games, Disney, Universal Studios, and Irrational Games. He has lent his hand to everything from big AAA games like Bioshock, all the way to amazing indie games, like Rebuild: Gangs of Deadsville for Northway games. His primary responsibility is making sure Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse is awesome but he also helps make all of our other projects look good. When he’s not working (for those 2 hours a week) He enjoys sleep, watching the Orlando Magic, playing games, and spending time with his wife and 3 offspring. (Not in that order) In addition to making all of Steamroller Studio’s games look pretty, he’s also an incredibly handsome man who enjoys typing in the third person.

Josiah Massingill

Animation Supervisor

Josiah is a leader not seen since the likes of William Wallace. He will fearlessly lead our army of animators into the great beyond. He is a charismatic man who can evoke full inspirational speeches with but a simple non verbal glance in your general direction.

Amanda Renfroe

Lead Animator

Amanda cracks the whip around here and makes sure we don’t sink the ship by playing too many games. When she’s not bossing us around she also does awesome animations. Her hair has also been known to spontaneously change color.

Chris Morgan

Lead Animator

Chris knows how to make things move. He’s also a pretty sweet animator. When he’s not making characters come alive, he can be seen snuggling with his wife, son and dog. Although maybe not in that order. He also has a cool car.

Jorge Verea

Project Manager & Programmer

Jorge can disassemble an entire room of computers and rebuild them to do his bidding. He may even be the future cause of Skynet. We’re not sure yet. But we are sure he rocks a majestic pony tail that can put you in a trance. He’s also a pretty nice guy and an awesome programmer to boot!

Mark Cleaver

Studio Manager

Mark keeps us on task and in shape. Like a personal trainer but for work that needs to be done. When he’s not whipping us into shape, he enjoys playing guitar, playing video games, and recreating the volleyball scene from Top Gun.

James Mashock

Lead Modeler

James leads our 3D artists with his incredible Michelangelo sculpting skills. The only thing more fluid than his models are his sick dance moves. When he’s not making awesome models he can be seen running around the office at high speeds.

Wesley Copeland

Senior Programmer

Wes makes stuff work. Without his programming skills, there wouldn’t be much of a game. He could probably create AI that could take over the world, but luckily he’s a nice guy. When he’s not programming he enjoys interacting with the real world.

Tad Branham

Visual Development Artist

Tad is our go-to illustrator and can draw anything you can dream up. Even potatoes wearing oven mitts! Everyday you can find him tirelessly drawing away in his isolation chamber. When he’s not drawing he spends time starring in daytime soap operas.

Michele Le


Michele can breathe life into any character or beast. And we’re not just talking animation here. She LITERALLY has the resurrection power of the Phoenix! When she's not resurrecting the dead, she also enjoys cute animals and whispering.

Moe Ftouni


When Moe isn’t making crazy awesome animations, his favorite pastime is growing his beautiful hair and selling the locks at a premium price. He also enjoys sports, but will only cheer for the teams whose colors match his hairs temperamental mood.

Anca Mihai

Junior Animator

Don't let Anca's innocent demeanor fool you... Inside her roars a mighty monster that can crush her enemies into green paste. But if you stay on her good side, you'll find she is an amazing animator and a really nice person.... if you stay on her good side.

Frank Gourdet


While most of our animators have to use a keyboard and mouse to make their animations, Frank simply has to flash his award-winning smile at the screen for the magic to happen. With a personality that matches his smile, there’s no way you can keep this guy down.

Nicholas A Arbeiter


Nick (or Vick to his closest friends) has a way with animations. And that way is the animation program called Maya. Sure it's the exact same way our other animators follow. But Nick does it while looking good. This guy is a true american hero. Keep it up Vick!

Bob Charles

Junior Animator

Bob has a voice that sounds like crushed red velvet was longingly wrapped around the booming sound of thunder. Believe it or not though we didn't hire him for his deep voice but for his smooth animations. Having said that, he could totally be a radio host and we would tune in.

Nathan Zehr

Junior Animator

Nathan is a true double threat. Not only is he a great animator, he's also a great person. He's the kind of guy that will totally give you a ride to the airport and not constantly remind you that he helped you out that one time. I know this sounds sarcastic, but it's actually true. This guy is pretty cool.

Celeste Ramirez

Technical Writer

Celeste is a regular celebrity around here. When she's not signing autographs or participating in glamorous photo shoots, she can be found programming long elegant lines of code. She also enjoys cosplaying, coffee and staring into your soul.

Naadia Manuoullah

Concept Artist & Texturer

Naadia is the sole member of Steamroller Studios, Canada. When she's not bundled up under the furs of many different animals, she's rocking out awesome concepts and textures for us. Fun fact, she's also our CEO's sister and as such is the only one that can tease him.

Jaryd Snover

Lead Technical Artist

Jaryd is a hybrid of epic proportions. Half Artist, Half Technical…. All beard. When he’s not climbing mountains or doing other outdoorsy activities, he enjoys making amazing rigs that completely spoil our animators. He represents all of of Steamroller Studios West Coast.

Gabriel Kavan

Junior Programmer

Gabriel may look young. But don't let that fool you. He has the heart of a 37 year old man he grew up in the 80's. When he's not winning the bosses approval with his extensive knowledge of the greatest decade ever, he has the power to write fantastic code. By the power of grayskull indeed.

Kimberly Louis

Junior Animator

Kim was born in a rainbow and was raised by coal miners. What I'm trying to say is that she has that amazing combination of being extremely positive while also being a very hard worker. Her animations are as bright as her outlook on life. The day she loses her positivity... I assume will be the end of the world.

Eddie Gonzalez

Senior Animator

Eddie may look like just another one of our beautiful team members. But behind that winning smile is a man with the heart of a champion. Maybe even a matador. Who can say for sure? All we know is the man knows how to animate.. and win. He's always winning.

Cristian Gonzalez

Junior Programmer

Cristian's true origins remain a mystery to us. Because of the pointy hat he wears around the studio, it is widely speculated that he was once a great elf adventurer. Or maybe he made cookies in trees. Nobody knows for sure what his past is. But we do know his present is filled with him writing smooth code.